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For 10 days–June 11-20, 2010, Luminato – Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity transforms the city of Toronto into an even greater hub of cultural and artistic activity. To enhance volunteers’ and festival-goers’ experiences, Tetra Pak, a global food processing and packaging solutions company, is providing water packaged in Tetra Pak cartons to Luminato volunteers, as well as students participating in the Wish Come True Festival.

By adopting Tetra Pak’s recyclable water cartons that are made mainly from paper, a renewable resource, Luminato demonstrates the artistic community’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions for on-the-go water consumption.

“At Luminato we work with our sponsors to enhance the experience for our festival-goers and volunteers at every opportunity,” said Janice Price, president and chief executive officer of Luminato. “Supplying water in Tetra Pak cartons is appreciated by our hard-working volunteers who are constantly on-the-go and having the water on hand makes their experience more enjoyable."

Tevfik Djamgouz, director of marketing, Tetra Pak Canada adds: “The cartons are not only a sustainable alternative for on-the-go water, they also provide opportunities for beverage and food companies to create iconic packaging statements for their products. At Tetra Pak we like to think creatively, so Luminato is a good opportunity for us to demonstrate how our creative, innovative solutions are good for our business, our customers’ business and good for society.”


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