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tna helps frozen seafood manufacturer double packaging speed

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See the case study on how tna helped UK seafood manufacturer, Whitby Seafoods, double its packaging speed by installing a new packaging and distribution line.

tna robag FX 3ci VFFS system at Whitby.

BIRMINGHAM, U.K.—Frozen seafood manufacturer Whitby Seafoods Ltd. has been able to double its packaging speed by installing a new packaging and distribution line from processing and packaging equipment provider tna.

The investment has enabled Whitby Seafoods to meet rising consumer demand by providing additional capacity and seamless integration between systems, helping save time while increasing efficiency.

Based in the traditional fishing port of Whitby in North Yorkshire, UK, Whitby Seafoods is a leading producer of frozen seafood products. A growing family company, Whitby Seafoods specializes in locally-sourced langoustines aka scampi, that are breaded and sold in bite-size portions.


A recent rebrand had the company update its packaging design to appeal to an even wider audience. New pack sizes range from between 200- and 300-grams in a standard pillow bag format. Whitby Seafoods therefore required a flexible packaging and distribution system that would allow it to expand its product portfolio and allow efficient product changes and integration with existing elements of the production line.

Faster packaging speeds
As a growing manufacturer, Whitby Seafoods was looking to increase capacity with a third packaging line. It chose to install the tna robag FX 3ci—a vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging solution that would allow consistent high quality at a fast speed for a range of bag sizes.

tna regional sales manager Simon Hill explains: “Packaging line speed is crucial to maintaining food safety with frozen foods like seafood. While the two existing production lines operate at 70 bags per minute (bpm), the new line works comfortably at 140 bpm, effectively doubling product throughput. This now helps Whitby Seafoods to ensure products are processed as quickly as possible.”

tna roflo conveyor at Whitby.

With growing consumer demand for new and exciting products, Whitby Seafoods needed a flexible packaging system that would allow them to enhance production capacity.

Renowned for delivering fast vertical form, fill and seal packaging speeds, tna enabled the company to double its production speeds, while also improving product quality.

The installation exceeded the frozen seafood manufacturer’s initial objectives in terms of packaging speeds, which are integral to the company as it grows in the future.

tna intelli-weigh scale at Whitby.

tna’s robag FX 3ci was chosen thanks to its ability to deliver a high-quality finish to Whitby Seafoods’ packaging. With a rotary jaw design that uses advanced sealing technology for improved seal integrity at high speeds, the new system helps to deliver a consistently appealing end product.

The compact design, including a shorter bagging system height and small footprint, was ideal for the low ceiling in the Whitby Seafoods factory.

With the ability to walk around upstairs, operators have better visibility of the line and therefore stricter quality assurance standards.

The new equipment also has a user-friendly interface, making it simple and easy to operate, which will help Whitby Seafoods save significant time regarding ongoing operation and training in the long-term.

Helping to realize further performance benefits, the packing system was fitted with the tna intelli-weigh omega 314 multi-head weigher.

With capabilities for a 2,200 kilogram per hour in-feed to the packaging system, it was imperative any upstream equipment could keep up with the fast speed of the bagger. The integration of the tna intelli-weigh omega 314 allowed for high-speed weighing with superior precision.

tna roflo conveyor.


A race against time
Due to the frozen nature of the Whitby Seafoods’ product range, it is crucial to maintain a continuous production process and keep the product moving throughout the line to avoid thawing.

Lengthy stoppage times for a film or product changeover can compromise food quality and safety, as well as increase wastage.

Quick changeovers save valuable time, and ultimately help to maintain high food safety standards. The tna robag FX 3ci and its simplified film system for easy film threading and high accuracy control has improved efficiencies at Whitby Foods by reducing film waste and cutting changeover procedures from two minutes to 30 seconds.

Key to improving efficiencies was achieving the smooth transfer of products from one part of the production line to the next. Whitby Seafoods was keen to improve product storage methods between different systems to minimize production downtime. Previously, the company was faced with the time-consuming and costly process of transporting product from the production line to a freezer facility to prevent the product from thawing while on the production line.

Installing the tna roflo VM 3 vibratory motion distribution system with integrated controls was found to be the perfect solution.

Feeding into the tna robag FX 3ci, the distribution system has helped to increase product throughput, by providing an additional on-line storage facility. This is achieved by allowing product to accumulate on the conveyor for up to twelve minutes, without the need for additional storage space.

Previously, dwell time was as low as two to three minutes. The result is an increased ‘buffering’ time, which allows for short, unplanned production outages.

Constructed from food-grade stainless-steel, the tna roflo VM 3 is also ideal for use in frozen food environments. Able to withstand the harsh cleaning agents and frequent high-pressure washdowns required when working with frozen food products, the conveyor can be easily cleaned to reduce product residue build-up and optimize hygiene levels.

Similarly, the tna robag FX 3ci was customized with stainless steel parts and a parabolic throat metal detector to ensure the highest possible safety standards.

A close-up of the tna robag fx 3ci.

Total project management from a single source
Working with just one supplier can make installation processes much simpler. tna implemented the additional packaging line within a short timeframe of five months, providing Whitby Seafoods with the high-performance solutions they were looking for, while also delivering full integration with existing equipment.

A key consideration for the installation was that operations between the new and existing lines would be seamless.

To achieve full integration, tna tested how the new installation would work in the factory as part of the wider production process.

As part of this process, the team carried out extensive 3D modeling, to ensure the system was tailored to exact requirements. This also helped to ensure the system was up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hill adds that, “There are numerous benefits of having a single source supplier. Not only does it save Whitby Seafoods time by simplifying the implementation process, but ongoing customer service becomes much easier as there is one point of contact for everything, such as spare parts, after-market support and warranty services. We have provided Whitby Seafoods with optimum line efficiency that goes above and beyond their key requirements.”

About tna
tna is a leading global supplier of integrated food processing and packaging solutions with over 35 years of industry experience and 14,000 systems installed across more than 120 countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of products including materials handling, processing, cooling and freezing, coating, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inserting and labelling, metal detection, verification and end of line solutions. tna also offers a variety of production line controls integration & SCADA reporting options, project management and training. tna’s unique combination of innovative technologies, extensive project management experience and 24/7 global support ensures customers achieve faster, more reliable and flexible food products at the lowest cost of ownership. Company information available at


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