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By Andrew Joseph, Features Editor   

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I’ve been writing for Canadian Packaging magazine for just over three-and-a-half years, and the best thing about the job are the people I meet—sometimes only over the phone or the Internet, but usually in person. Often, they become more than just business associates—they become friends with whom it is a pleasure to talk with.

Whether my leads come from my sales department, or agencies or from companies looking to promote themselves, it’s a very positive thing—you can feel the enthusiasm emanating from the company representatives and that just makes it a pleasure to write.

I recently met with the folks of ECON-O-PAC Limited, a third-party custom packaging company located here in Toronto. Amongst many other forms of packaging, they are renowned for automatically packaging all the inserts found in our cereal boxes.


I’ll call the meeting a timely one—I had just had one of those interviews where I wonder why I’m there as no one seemed particularly interested in promoting the company. And it wasn’t a secretive thing as in ‘we want to protect our client base’ or ‘we don’t want the competition to know how we do our job’—I can respect that—rather, it was an all-around lack of enthusiasm. And then came ECON-O-PAC.

As soon as I walked in to the head office, I noticed a sign in the lobby welcoming Canadian Packaging. Totally unnecessary, but boy did it make me feel good. And the good feelings continued after meeting Howie Nisenbaum, one of the owners of the business. His humor and enthusiasm for his business was infectious and made me glad I was allowed to write about his company—which will appear in our December print edition. And… I just wanted to say thanks, I needed that.

Somewhere enthusiastically writing,
Andrew Joseph

PS: If anyone is done with their September print issue and would care to recycle…I seem to be missing a copy. Really.


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