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The Canadian Shield opens second facility, will hire hundreds of employees

By The Canadian Shield   


Company ramps up production of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers

Canadian Shield will provide reusable face shields to healthcare workers across North America fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

KITCHENER, ON | APRIL 9, 2020 – The Canadian Shield, a Kitchener-based advanced manufacturing company producing personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak, has opened its second facility and is hiring hundreds of employees as it accelerates production. Already capable of producing 50,000 face shields per day to meet the critical shortage of PPE in Ontario, the company will soon be in a position to provide face shields to healthcare workers across Canada.

“We are scaling up production as fast as possible to protect our frontline healthcare workers who are putting themselves at risk every day to fight the spread of COVID-19,” said Jeremy Hedges, Founder and CEO of The Canadian Shield. “Our hope is that we can play a significant role in addressing the equipment shortage while providing good-paying local manufacturing jobs.”


The Canadian Shield specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of reusable PPE shields. Approved by Health Canada in March, these shields are designed in-house and can be washed and sanitized, reducing the overall cost on the healthcare system.

The company has officially opened its second location — a 50,000 square foot facility – to accommodate additional staff and equipment.

In order to meet the anticipated demand, The Canadian Shield is looking to hire machine operators, assembly line workers, support and administrative personnel. Employees will earn a living wage and be eligible to receive company benefits. Meal services are also provided for all day, evening and night shifts. Since Canadian Shield employees are still required to come in to work, the company will have a doctor on site as well as daily screening procedures and rigid health and safety protocols.

“We are moving fast and are looking for a dedicated, agile team to grow with us as we continue to develop innovative solutions to manufacturing personal protective equipment,” said Hedges.

The Canadian Shield is one of the few companies embarking on a hiring spree during this global pandemic. A reported 130,000 workers in Canada have lost their jobs in the economic fallout of COVID-19, while the jobless claims in the United States have soared beyond 10 million. With economists predicting this trend to worsen over the coming weeks, The Canadian Shield is eager to offset a portion of the job losses as it ramps up production.

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The Canadian Shield is a Kitchener-based advanced manufacturing company that specializes in the production and distribution of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. The company was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 global health pandemic by educational technology company InkSmith to address the shortage of protective gear for frontline staff in hospitals and medical facilities. Specializing in reusable protective face masks, The Canadian Shield’s patent-pending technology can significantly reduce healthcare costs while saving lives.


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