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Lotte activus, a strawberry flavored yoghurt drink, marketed by the Estonian dairy AS MAAG Piimatööstus in the Baltic States, is now using Greiner Packaging International to help animate its packaging with new life.

Using the cartoon character ‘Lotte’, a lively female puppy in the self-titles Estonian movie that has smashed all of that country’s box office records, AS MAAG hopes the canine’s popularity will help sell its new probiotic yoghurt drink Lotte activus.

The Lotte character along with three others is on each yoghurt beverage container, as well as on the additional secondary outer paperboard packaging. All of the packaging for the Lotte activus is being produced by Greiner Packaging.


The yoghurt strawberry flavored drink is filled in small polypropylene bottles, holding 100 milliliters. Its shape and size are particularly tailored to the needs of the main target group – infants and children. An aluminum seal is used as a safe closure, and decoration is made with sleeving. The two small bottles are connected using additional cardboard packaging.

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