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Technical Bulletin — COVID-19 Resources

By Meat & Poultry Ontario   


The Public Health Agency recently published COVID-19 Guidance for Industry.  This document provides basic information for industry to follow and it is expected that this general public health guidance be tailored to the needs and realities of your specific business, that it is documented and thoroughly implemented.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency also published their ”Guidance to Meat Slaughter and Processing Establishments on Prevention and Response to Suspect and Confirmed COVID-19 Plant Employees” which provides plant operators the information that CFIA is expecting plant operators to develop, implement and have available for CFIA inspection personnel upon request. This guidance material incorporates the guidance shared by Public Health as well as specific information CFIA is requiring in order to mitigate the risk to CFIA inspection staff as well as prevent disruption of business.

Although we have not received information specifically from OMAFRA related to COVID-19 prevention and response, it is understood that plants should be following the guidance issued by Public Health.
The following is a list of mitigation and response planning documents you should consider having prepared:

  • Procedure or Policy documents to prevent or minimize the occurrence or exposure of COVID-19
  • Sanitation practices/schedules/locations, especially those specific to COVID-19
  • Your company’s approach taken regarding physical distancing
  • Self/company health assessment protocols / practices and description of screening methods in place or any supporting procedural documents
  • Policy for your staff to report their, or their colleagues’ illness and corresponding notification to CFIA/OMAFRA of any COVID-19 finding
  • The specific response/action plans that will be implemented when there is a finding of a COVID-19 positive employee

In order to assist meat plant operators, MPO has shared industry guidance documents, tip sheets and sample policies and templates for operators to customize to meet their specific business on our COVID-19 website. This website will be updated as information becomes available.



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