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Supplier diversity is more than a feel-good strategy: panel

June 11, 2010
by Deborah Aarts

Ralph Moore
Photo: Deborah Aarts.

“It’s not about feeling good and holding hands and singing Kum-Ba-Yah. It’s about adding value to our supply chains.”

This, according to Ralph Moore, president of Chicago, Illinois-based Ralph G Moore and Associates, is why companies should seriously consider expanding the scope of their supplier diversity programs.

Moore was part of a roundtable discussion on the issue at the 85th Annual Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) National Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan on June 10.

Other speakers on the panel shared information that supported his perspective.

Orrin Benn, president of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Suppliers Council (CAMSC), pointed out the sheer demographic relevance of supplier diversity programs. In Canada, Aboriginal and minority populations are growing quickly. These groups will have more buying power as time goes on, and will increasingly seek out products from companies who support diverse suppliers.

“It makes sense for us as a nation to be fostering and promoting all citizens so they can optimize their contribution to Canada as a whole,” he said.

Craig Hall, chief operating officer of the Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council, said there are ample opportunities for minority suppliers and purchasers to benefit from these arrangements.

“We can do so much to encourage more companies to get involved.”

Look for more in-depth coverage of this presentation and more in the July-August issue of Purchasingb2b.