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PACK EXPO International 2018 is around the corner and these are the cutting-edge technologies to watch out for

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection will display all of its renowned inspection systems in one large 8,000-square-foot booth, where the company’s comprehensive equipment range will be grouped by types of product inspection, rather than by types of equipment—let ting attendees to explore multiple inspection solutions in one conveniently location to the challenges they are most interested in. The equipment groupings—including metal detectors, checkweighers, machine vision and X-ray inspection systems, serialization and track-and-race systems, will be demonstrated in areas for free-f lowing and bulk products, packaged products, pharmaceutical products, rigid containers, pumped food products and unwrapped and unpackaged products. METTLER TOLEDO specialists with expertise in these areas will be available to explain and answer questions about the features and benefits of each system in relation to the particular inspection challenge, as well as the company’s full range of service tools designed to maximize equipment uptime. In addition, two special demonstrations will inspect chicken pieces using the METTLER TOLEDO Profile Advantage Metal Detector, displaying the ability of this system’s multi-simultaneous frequency technology to significantly reduce and virtually eliminate false rejects. Among the equipment being exhibited in these groupings will be several new ground-breaking inspection systems in X-ray and checkweighing applications, along with a live demonstration of using vision systems to avoid mislabelling—the cause of about 40 per cent of all food product recalls.
Booth S-1735

Dorner Mfg. Corp will highlight its next-generation Generation AquaGard 7350 (V2) Series stainless-steel conveyor for dry, wipedown and wet environment applications. According to the company, the new AquaGard and AquaPruf sanitary platforms are engineered with strong hygienic designs that minimize product debris from entering the food zones, and allow for fast and effective sanitation. The improved frame design on the AquaGard 7350V2 provides more strength around the tail sections of the conveyor, and better drive support for superior performance. Other conveyors on display will include Dorner’s SmartFlex Helix Conveyor, designed for tight product handling applications where product needs to travel up or down in a confined space. The conveyor’s compact design allows for five feet of elevation change in 10 feet (incline angle of up to 12 degrees), giving users more freedom and flexibility in designing a material handling system with multiple layouts using a single conveyor. The SmartFlex Helix comes in three belt widths and doesn’t require any lubrication for a cleaner environment and reduced risk of contamination. The SmartFlex Helix will be operating in a loop with a 3200 Series modular belt conveyor and a SmartFlex Wedge Elevator—a system where products are wedged securely between opposing conveyors to move them vertically or horizontally between production f loors or different elevations. Wedge elevators are ideal for environments requiring compact footprints, transitions between travel orientations and creating passageways on the production f loor. Rapid transfer rates make them ideal for continuous high capacity packaging line operations.

For those applications where production orientation is critical, be sure to see the 3200 Series conveyor with Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Technology, which is engineered for moving boxes and packages in merging, diverting and aligning applications.


Booth N-4936

Ryson International will showcase the company’s New Ryson Narrow Trak Spirals, which are designed as space-saving, compact vertical conveyors designed to handle small loads at high throughput rates. Well-suited for transfer small cartons and packages or side-transfer small bottles or containers in a single file or in a continuous mass flow, the spiral conveyors are equipped with new six-inch or none-inch nesting slats which provide an efficient flat conveying surface without gaps. Achieving speeds of over 200 feet per minute, the Narrow Trak spirals offer a significantly larger elevation change capacity than what is currently available in the small package marketplace. These spirals are also a good alternative to side gripper conveyors because they can run at high speeds and do not need to be adjusted for varying product sizes. This compact unit is equipped with the Ryson proprietary low friction chain slat arrangement, which assures high capacity, high speed, low energy consumption, low maintenance and long life. This new model is especially beneficial for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal-care companies.
Booth N-4915

Delkor Systems, Inc. will display the company’s wide range of high-performance equipment–including the new Delkor Performance Loader case-packer—to demonstrate the company’s expertise in providing superior retail-ready solutions for some of the world’s largest retailers. Whether you’re packing f lexible or rigid products, Delkor smoothens your transition from package concept to production by leveraging decades of experience, and the newly-built Package Lab, to turn around package samples within 48 hours. The company’s case-packers offer versatility to address a wide range of package shapes and sizes, with rate capacity to match the latest generation of filling and bagging equipment. With innovation like Delkor’s Product Stabilizer (patented), Intelligent Positioning (patented) that measures and perfectly aligns carton flaps, or simple options such as push-button changeover, Delkor offers perfectly integrated packaging systems to enhance your plant’s efficiency and capacity.
Booth S-3740

Banding Systems Bandall Inc. will showcase the company’s innovative s a 360-degree labeling solution designed to provide marketing teams more package real estate to add valuable consumer information to the consumer. According to the company, banding is much more cost-effective labeling solution as cost-per-label is reduced significantly, while also eliminating the material waste of backing paper. Poised to showcase a complete line of equipment that is based on individual labeling needs—from manual to fully-integrated automated solutions—the company’s experienced graphics team will be present to help attendees place their graphics on a band, complete with a complimentary band mock-up to take away from the booth.
Booth E-10425

Heat and Control Inc. will showcase comprehensive inspection systems comprising Ishida IX-GN X-ray system and a combination Ishida DACS checkweigher and CEIA metal detector. According to the
company, the Only CEIA MS21 multi-spectrum metal detectors use multiple frequencies both simultaneously and continuously, while THS21 metal detectors continuously self-calibrate to maintain peak detection stability and sensitivity to all metal contaminants. For their part, the Ishida X-Ray systems can detect small non-metallic contaminants such as bone, glass, shell and plastic, while also verifying weight and identifying any missing or defective product. In operation, the product on the conveyor is irradiated with X-rays that is then received by the line sensor, where Ishida’s unique multi-level image processing software detects foreign objects or missing products by processing the received X-ray image. Manufacturers can further enhance detection sensitivity by utilizing Ishida’s patented Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing technology, which will also be displayed at the show. Also, the Ishida DACS checkweighers provide quality assurance and customer satisfaction with accurate verification of package weight, product count, or detection of missing components. They are available in stainless steel for non-washdown and washdown (IP69) applications, and their quick-release infeed and weigh conveyors in the open frame design makes cleaning fast and simple.
Booth #N-5910

ABB will demonstrate some of the company’s fully equipped palletizing cells are available in an array of flexible and versatile configurations, allowing customers to select a system that meets their specific requirements, along with the a high-speed model IRB 460 palletizing robot designed to meet the high throughput requirements of end-of-line applications. All the ABB cells are delivered ready-to-interface with existing product and pallet conveyors, with all major components mounted on a common base—eliminating the need for on-site engineering. According to ABB, the company’s Revolutionary new software from ABB makes programming robotic palletizing systems easier than ever before. Rather than writing code, operators use the robot FlexPendant HMI to select simple parameters such as package sizes, pallet size, placement patterns and number of layers, with the system then creating a complete palletizing program. Important parameters such as pick-place time, and robot acceleration and speed can be then be easily fine-tuned during production to optimize the process.
Booth #C-5242

Domino Printing Sciences will conduct the North American launch of their newest addition to the F720i fibre laser coding systems portfolio for application in the beverage sector—developed as a more reliable and consistent alternative to conventional inkjet printers. Having developed the proprietary Blue Tube technology to safely print onto PET bottles with Co2 laser, the new Domino F720i brings this advancement and benefits to aluminum can coding, says Domino. As the company explains, fluids consumption, downtime for cleaning procedures, and long changeovers due to packaging variations are creating efficiency challenges and pain for beverage manufacturers in many areas, including the date and lot coding for traceability purposes. With the new system, beverage plants can now experience significant improvement in the coding process, including perfect codes on every can with virtually zero maintenance and zero hazardous f luids. As the company’s laser product marketing manager Jon Hall explains, “The Beverage Can Coding system offers clean and clear indelible marking, ideal for compliance purposes and brand protection on aluminum cans. Further, Dominos system can achieve codes on concave surfaces with high quality and a high speed–one system can mark up to 100,000 cans per hour, with over 20 characters per can, achieving consistently excellent code quality is consistently excellent even with condensation present on the can.”
Booth S-2520

Yaskawa Motoman plans to introduce the company’s new MotoMini robot, said to be the smallest and most lightweight six-axis robot in the Industry. Weighing only seven kilograms, the MotoMini facilitates easy transportation and installation, making it ideal for tabletop-, floor-, ceiling-, tilt- or wall-mount installations, conserving valuable floor space. Equipped with the highest acceleration in a small-sized robot, according to the company, the MotoMini is said to be 20 per cent faster than comparable small robots to reduce cycle-time and increase production output. The robot’s 0.5 kg payload supports a unique variety of tooling and sensors to fulfill diverse project needs—making it ideal applications such as assembly, dispensing, inspection, kitting, machine tending, material handling, packaging, parts feeding and sorting. The ultra-compact design enables installation in factories with high-density layouts, and the compact footprint (191 x 124 mm) allows the robot to be mounted close to workpieces and other machinery in existing lines or cells. All the cables and air lines are routed through the robot base to upper arm to increase cable life, enhance safety and reduce teaching time, while a single power and control cable reduces wiring time and improves cable reliability. Controlled by Yaskawa’s new ultra-compact YRC1000micro robot controller, the MotoMini provides remarkably quiet operation with less than 65 decibels at maximum load and speed.
Booth S-2373

Eagle Product Inspection Inc. is planning to unveil the new next-generation EPX100 a next-generation X-Ray system for packaged foods, beverages and other consumer goods. “The EPX100 is safe, simple to use and smart, and is the perfect entry point for small to mid-sized manufacturers, as well as contract packagers, seasonal operators and large companies looking to standardize their equipment,” says the company’s strategic business unit manager Kyle Thomas, calling it an ideal solution for bakery, snack, confectionery, ready meal, general food and personal-care product applications. Also on display is the Eagle Tall PRO XS system, to conduct live inspection of high-speed can, jar, bottle and composite lines, as well as other upright packaging formats, featuring side-view detection to provides 100-percent inspection for the hard-to-find contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, dense plastics and calcified bone. Attendees in the meat and poultry industry will also see the multi-application benefits of the Eagle FA3/M X-ray system, which conducts in-line fat measurement as well as contaminant detection in fresh, chilled and frozen products, using Eagle’s latest-generation refinement of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) measurement technology to discriminate between fat and lean portions. “We are looking forward to showcasing our latest technologies, and sharing our expertise with attendees to help them deliver superior contaminant detection for the widest range of applications,” says Thomas. “While these solutions help to ensure safety, quality and compliance, the advanced inspection systems are also easy to use and provide important detailed information for packaged goods manufacturers.”
Booth S-1721

Propack Processing & Packaging Systems Inc. will introduce the Propack Synchronized Staging Transfer Model PSST/120, designed as an economical, safe product delivery system uses stepper servo technology to receive randomly presented products from baggers, pouchers and f lowwrappers to synchronize product delivery to high speed cartoning machines. With a maximum packing rate of 120 single packs or 80 twin-packs per minute PSST/120 is the intelligent product delivery system that delivers proven results and performance by intelligently monitors and phasing products on multiple motion controlled staging sections to either a single or dual product transfer module. It handles products between four to 16 inches in length and up to eight inches in width, and it can also be configured to synchronize, stage and transfer single or twin pack product formats with precise product speed and position control. When necessary, operators can switch to the optional pass through delivery system for bulk packing or WIP (work in process) preparation. Propack’s new PSST/120 features a sanitary stainless-steel frame and has an internally illuminated, fully guarded transfer and synchronizing staging section for good visibility and operator safety.
Booth N-4732

Gerhard Schubert GmbH will demonstrate the company’s latest Flowmodul flowwrapping machine featuring new patented heat-sealing technology that allows for gentle packing of heat-sensitive products can now be packaged even more gently in flowwrap bags. The machine exhibited at Pack Expo will package mix-packs with two different products –one biscuit each with white chocolate and one with brown chocolate—at throughput rate of 250 products or 125 flowwrap bags per minute. Alternatively, the flowwrapping machine can be provided with a non-rotating ultrasonic longitudinal sealing unit, which is especially suitable for films with high-barrier effect. Both systems are characterized by low heat development, which makes them ideally suited for heat-sensitive products such as chocolate. With the Flowmodul, Schubert offers a flowwrapping component with which the packaging of products in flowwrap bags can be fully integrated into the packaging machine manufacturer’s modular machine concept. Thanks to the uniform machine control of the TLM system and the flowwrapping component, the machine operation is extremely user-friendly, whereby the flowwrapping component can be operated together with the entire line via a single HMI interface. The Flowmodul is supplemented by standard Schubert components such as the image recognition system, which ensures that only perfect products enter the feed chain. If the product needs to be placed in a carton or plastic tray, this function can be easily implemented with an additional submachine.
Booth N-8730

Squid Ink’s will exhibit its new Streamline 5 printing system, designed to print superior quality small characters on a variety of porous, non-porous, smooth, textured, curved, concave, porous, nonporous,
smooth, textured, curved, concave and other substrates, Capable of printing up to five lines of text, the new Streamline offers a reliable, yet cost-effective solution for virtually any small-character, primary package coding application. Unlike any other CIJ printer on the market, Streamline 5 does not require a built-in display screen, as it operates with a wireless or wired touchscreen tablet running Squid Ink’s powerful Orion software. This flexibility allows users the option of controlling their printers on the production floor, or networking multiple systems from one central location. According to Squid Ink, one tablet may be used to communicate with multiple Streamline printers or any other Squid Ink case-coding printer using the Orion software platform.
Booth S-3582

Eastey will demonstrate the company’s new side-belt driven Easy Packer machine, designed for compact packing and sealing applications, with minimal maintenance requirements. Offering a fast and cost-efficient alternative to manual taping by hand, the Easy Packer is supplied with extended side rails, flap closing bars, and an optional 48-inch anvil packing station to assist with the packing and sealing process. The operation is performed by opening the case and manually folding he bottom front and back minor flaps and placing the case on the anvil to be filled. Once filled, the operator pushes down and holds the top trailing minor flap while the box enters the machine to be sealed. The Easy Packer machine offers fast and easy case changes with adjustable side rails and flexibility for boxes of five inches in length and greater, with all the required adjustments made on-the-fly with easy hand-tighten knobs and cranks.


The NJM Packaging division of ProMach will show the Model 403 Final Touch print-and-apply labeler for demanding high-speed pharmaceutical packaging applications. Featureing a modular design, flexible PLC controls and a variety of optional label applicator tools to maximize production versatility and ease-of-use when labeling cases and shrinkwrapped bundles, the Model 403 Final Touch labeler is ideal for product manufacturers and contract packers handling foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and much more. The new Model 403 can apply side labels, top labels, corner wrap labels and two-panel labels with a variety of optional tamp or wipe-on applicators. Requiring only 40 inches (100 cm) of line space, the Model 403 can be installed over an existing conveyor or supplied with a new conveyor, as needed. An optional top hold-down roller provides additional package stability for superior labeling accuracy.
Booth #W-703
(Healthcare Packaging Expo)

Multivac, Inc. will be displaying its X-Line thermoform packaging machine, along with a variety of other packaging equipment aimed at the food packaging industries. The new X-Line offers maximum packaging reliability, even more consistent pack quality and a higher level of processing speeds, according to the company, as well as operation that is easier and more reliable than ever before. The X-Line comes with many features, including the ability to change package configurations in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, the X-Line’s connection to the MULTIVAC Cloud gives users access to Pack Pilot and Smart Services, which provide a constant connection and up-to-date information on software, film availability, machine settings and other pertinent data that enable the machine to be used even without special operator knowledge. The X-Line comes with X-MAP gas-flushing process that can be precisely controlled for packing with modified atmosphere. Moreover, users can operate the X-Line through its intuitive HMI 3 multitouch interface that corresponds to the operating logic of today’s mobile devices.
Booth S-2514

Dekka, a product brand of ProMach, will demonstrate reengineered DEKKA SE tape head for case formers, case erectors, and case sealers. This enhanced tape head, which features stainless-steel construction for long years of service, makes significant contributions to improving end-of-line speed, uptime and quality sealing, according to the company. In terms of cutting, the improved DEKKA SE, the brand’s flagship model, offers a stronger spring and improved design of the cutting lever for making faster, stronger and deeper cuts. This enhancement not only results in overall better cutting, but also enables DEKKA SE
to deliver better results in applications where less tension is required, or in situations where the machine must account for corrugated variance. Additionally, the mounting of the blade has also been changed to
provide a more effective cut, enabling the blade to pierce and cut the tape significantly easier, resulting in more consistent and reliable cuts. All in all, the cutting performance on the DEKKA SE has been improved by over 50 per cent, according to the company. In addition to the changes in cutting, Dekka has improved both the tape applying and wipe down systems for a complete upgrade. The roller arm used for trailing end wipe-down has also been made incrementally longer to ensure an improved finish over the last generation design.
Booth S-3546

ESS Technologies, Inc. and Antares Vision have collaborated to develop a compact and cost-effective serialized case packing solution that integrates today’s state-of-the art robotic case packing and serialization system technologies. The CEL5 can be configured as a top-load, side load, or bottom-load casepacker, allowing greater flexibility in designing the packaging line that integrates easily with the Antares Vision track-and-trace equipment. The model CEL5 top-loading casepacker that ESS and Antares Vision will demonstrate at the Pack Expo uses a FANUC M- 20iA robot with custom ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to erect and load the RSC cases, while an Antares Vision 360-degree camera scans unique product codes on each bottle before they enter the casepacker’s infeed. The product codes are stored in a serialization system PC. At the case packer infeed, the CEL5’s servo collation system creates the desired case pack pattern.The multi-axis robot picks an RSC case from the case magazine, squares the sides, folds the bottom flaps, and places the case on the vacuum loading plate. The same robot then picks the collated pack pattern of scanned bottles, holds the load over a serialization camera to record the case contents, and loads the bottles into the case. The case is then sealed on the top and bottom with standard two-inch tape. An Antares Vision serialization labeler then prints and applies a case label with a barcode that contains the serialization data about the case contents. At the show, the CEL5 robotic case-packer will erect, load and close five to six cases per minute.
Booth S-3760

Marchesini Group will be exhibiting the new MA 400 continuous motion horizontal cartoner—a completely updated machine with improved ergonomics, reliability and user-friendliness, with fast changeovers and low maintenance requirements. It is compact in size—without compromising the machine’s high-speed output and ease of use—thanks to a wide range of control functions that guarantee maximum efficiency. A new operator interface called ‘Easy Door’ has several improvements from both a functional and aesthetic point of view, while the new software makes the operating system more powerful and faster. The wider screen is more ergonomic and much more sensitive—making it a perfect solution for high-speed cartoning of all product types (blisters, bottles and vials, rigid and squeezable tubes, sachets and trays) for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.
Booth W-686
(Healthcare Packaging Expo)

Brenton, a ProMach product brand, is introducing the new M2000 case-packer, featuring a series of design improvements such as a very compact footprint and a handy changeover verification function for facilitating fast product changeovers. According to the company, the new M2000 case-packer retains the proven mechanical features of the Brenton Mach 2 unit it replaces, while modernizing the electrics and aesthetics to create a solution that offers faster and more assured startup, simpler and easier operation, and higher uptime through quicker changeover. The M2000 is rated at between 12 and 30 wraparound regular slotted cases (RSCs) or trays per minute. The stand-alone control enclosure for the Mach 2 has been abandoned in favor of several compact enclosures on the M2000, which contributes to a 25-per cent reduction in footprint over the already compact Mach 2. Enclosures on the machine and distributed I/O greatly simplify wiring requirements, resulting in startup within days, not weeks, and overall simpler troubleshooting. Changeover verification technology guides operators, even inexperienced staff, through the changeover process quickly and accurately. If any setting is off for the specified recipe, the M2000 will not run. This feature reduces the likelihood of damage to the machine from an incorrect adjustment. For speedy issue resolution, various sections of the M2000 are assigned specific colored task lighting that illuminates a fault and pinpoints for personnel the area of the machine to examine length of the M2000 give personnel an unobstructed view of critical operations. A B&R computer interface features pull-down menus, video, and document storage and display capabilities, while the machine’s Allen-Bradley CompactLogix controller and K5700 servos will be familiar to most engineering and maintenance personnel.
Booth S-3644

tna Solutions Pty Ltd. will present the latest cutting-edge solutions for the confectionery and snack industries, including the tna intelli-flav OMS 5.1 seasoning system designed to IP65 standards to facilitate maintenance and meet the highest hygiene and sanitation requirements. In addition, tna now offers a range of new features such as a high-capacity stainless-steel drum, a heated oil circulation system and integrated bulk powder fill technology. As a result, the tna intelli-flav OMS 5.1 can now be used to accurately season an even widerrange of products, including fried, baked and puffed snacks such as chips, crackers and popcorn, but also confectionery like gummies and even frozen food applications that require more rigorous sanitation procedures, like meats and seafoods. With equipment ranging from roasters and fryers, conveyors, seasoning and coating systems, cooling and freezing technology, baggers and scales, metal detectors, inserters and labelers, controls systems and case-packers, tna Solutions is the only supplier in the snack industry that offers complete turnkey solutions for every step of the production line, according to the company.
Booth S-3875

Slideways plans to full range of standard and custom engineered plastic components for conveyors and packaging equipment including wear components, guide rails, SlideTrax roller chain guides and sprockets, UHMW profiles, rollers, pulleys, bushings and bearings for harsh environments, plus a full line of levelers. Living up to its ‘We Reduce Friction’ motto, users of the newly activated website can easily select either standard products which displays all data with images, or custom solutions that deploys a custom parts builder, utilizing pre-built templates making it fast and easy to submit key specifications needed to suit customer application requirements.
Booth N-5053

Texwrap, a product brand of ProMach, will introduce the new cost-efficient ST-1607SS shrinkwrapper—optimized for packaging operations requiring up to 65 packages per minute output. In addition, the 1607 model’s center-line design and advanced sealing technology, normally found on higher-end units, can efficiently run many different types of packages, according to the company, giving the operation greater flexibility and a competitive advantage. Center-line machines like the 1607 are fast to change over because they do not require time-consuming conveyor adjustments for new SKUs, while the Texwrap Versa Seal side-seal technology consumes less film than competitive sealers to provide substantial cost-savings. Moreover, the Versa Seal also automatically compensates for various film speeds and delivers a quality seal on both thin and thick films. The 1607 shrinkwrapper features a color touchscreen operator interface for easy access to package recipes and maintenance information, and it can be ordered in either a right- or left-hand version to accommodate a plant’s layout.
Booth # S-3550

Packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co. plans to unveil its new human machine interface (that is now included as a standard feature on the company’s entire line of Pharmafill brand packaging machines.
The new HMI is to be demonstrated in live action at the booth in a fully operating tamper-evident neck bander, heat tunnel, cotton inserter and pill counter. The state-of-the-art HMI features a touchscreen control panel with a clear, simple, colorful menu structure for intuitively easy set-up and operation, enabling entry-level workers to successfully perform the filling and packaging functions with minimal training. From a single screen, the new HMI presents all required data, allows adjustments to the machinery to be made, and saves machine settings for fast startup and repeatable, consistent operation with less potential for human error. Designed for food, beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and other growing companies interested in modernizing and/or automating their packaging process without committing to a major
investment, the HMI is to be unveiled on the Pharmafill line of tablet/capsule counters, cotton inserters, desiccant inserters, heat tunnels, and tamper-evident neck banders.
Booth S-1410

Fortress Technology Inc. will conduct the North American premiere unveiling of the company’s breakthrough, space-saving triple-lane, multi-aperture metal detector range, featuring contact data software and a mobile App for remote examination. Comprising a single Stealth metal detector mounted across three conveyor lines, each dedicated aperture can detect all metal types down to 0.7-mm ferrous, 0.7-mm non-ferrous and 1.4-mm stainless-steel. This multi-lane system also optimizes factory floorspace, while cost of ownership by 65 per cent, compared to operating three stand-alone metal detectors. Other leading-edge systems to be demonstrated by Fortress include the Stealth Pipeline metal detector for reliable inspection of products in liquid form—including sausages and pate, pumped dairy, condiments, sauces and pet food—and the incline feed Stealth Gravity metal detector, designed for inline inspection of dry, powder or granular products gravity fed from processing machines at high volumes. “Our return to Pack Expo International represents how much metal detection technology has evolved in the past two years,” say Fortress president Steve Gidman. “The market for metal detection continues to grow and Fortress has responded to manufacturers’ calls for more cost-efficient, never obsolete metal detectors that deliver optimal food safety and quality control on their packaging lines; all without compromising on sensitivity.”
Booth S-2169

Wexxar Bel, a product brand of ProMach, will unveil its new introduced today the latest refinements of its leading tray-former IPAK TF-330GH for the agricultural industry, which is rated at up to 40 trays per minute. Engineering advancements shorten the lead-time for machine delivery, give customers greater operational flexibility, improve up-time, and equip agricultural customers with a ruggedly constructed machine that requires minimal maintenance. A new adjustable tooling system creates a more universal tray-forming platform that allows agricultural packaging operations to overcome the issues associated with forming trays from different suppliers. Adjustable tooling also gives packaging operations the flexibility of setting up new tray sizes without the need of sending samples to the factory, with average changeover
times about 10 minutes. According to the company, the machine’s maintenance-free lubrication reduces upkeep and improves up-time for greater throughput, while its advanced gluing system option can help reduce adhesive consumption by up to 40 per cent from earlier machine versions.
Booth #3546

Exhibiting as part of the Sidel Group along with Gebo Cermex, Sidel will showcasing its complete packaging line expertise in the beverage, food, home and personal care sectors with a special focus on its flexible EvoDECO labeling portfolio and the – the company’s longstanding experience with aseptic applications and the Super Combi aseptic packaging solution. Available either as a modular multi-technology
or as dedicated-technology equipment, the new Sidel EvoDECO labelers are designed to give producers the ability to choose solutions based on their specific labelling needs and output levels, while the company’s Aseptic Combi Predis solution merges dry preform sterilization with aseptic blowing, filling and sealing functions within a single production enclosure. With more than more than 130 Aseptic Combi Predis
installations worldwide, Sidel recently received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its Aseptic Combi Predis blow/fill/seal filler—making the solution the world’s first and only aseptic PET filling equipment with dry preform sterilisation validated for low-acid manufacturing and commercial distribution in the U.S. market.
Booth S-2901

AMK Automation Corp. will exhibit smart, versatile, efficient motion control technology designed to to help solve many of the packaging industry’s most persistent challenges. The company’s expansive product portfolio features decentralized, hybrid and centralized control solutions designed to give packaging machine-builders better choices with smarter, simpler servomotors, servo modules and controllers that they can use to overcome system design roadblocks and build better machines in less time. The company’s booth will showcase new additions to the AMK portfolio, including the AMKASMART ihXT servo module and the proven decentralized systems like the AMKASMART iSA decentralized controller, while also conducting live interactive machine demo that use hybrid motion control framework for seamless integration of decentralized and centralized systems to support multiple axes.
Booth N-6129

Matrix, a product brand of ProMach, will unveil the new compact MVA3 vertical form-fill-seal machine seal (VFFS) sachet packaging machine for packing mono doses of cosmetics, food, and various other for granulated, liquid, paste, powdered, and solid products and other products at up to four sachets per cycle with exceptionally high seal integrity. Rated at up to 70 cycles per minute, the high-performance machine can can pack more than one product in each sachet–such as cereal with powdered milk or instant soup with dehydrated vegetables—with the system’s industrial PC touch screen facilitating user-friendly control of all key operating parameters such as pressure, temperature, sealing time, and length of the sachet, with all the recipes stored in the machine’s memory for quick recall.
Booth S-3632.

Never ceasing to innovate, Capmatic® will be exhibiting its new and improved Synergy Patriot as part of the family of Capmatic multitasking platform, commonly known as Monoblocks. Finding ways to facilitate the life of Pharmaceutical fill & finish packagers the Synergy Patriot is capable of the following: Fill and cap (screw/press-on/aluminum ring)/Fill plug/stopper/ and cap/(stoppering & crimping / orifice reducer & capping)/Fill, cap and label on round containers Caps with stems (nasal spray, pump spray) Available with peristaltic pump /stainless steel volumetric pistons / ceramic coated volumetric pistons with Fill volumes from 0.01ml to 1 liter For liquids (semi-viscous or viscous) / tablets, caplets, softgel counting/ powders. Speed of up to 60 bottles per minute (subject of products and components samples testing) This equipment is manufactured to meet or exceed cGMP regulation and is perfectly adapted to work with sterile or Injectable product under class 100 room in Pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries.

Booth # S-1647


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