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Scotties and Canadian architect partner up

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Decorative tissue boxes give consumers a broad range of stylish options.

A box of tissues is never really just a box of tissues when it comes to the venerable famed Scotties brand of facial paper napkins.

Manufactured by leading Canadian paper products group Kruger Products L.P., the country’s bestselling facial tissue brand has never been shy about making an aesthetic statement—as evidenced by an expansive product family comprising 10 different ‘collections’ (sub-brands) and over 60 different box designs ranging from sophisticated and feminine, to luxurious, stylish and super sleek.

With a box design to match and enhance virtually every home décor, the Scotties brand team is planning to help Canadian consumers select just the right one for them with the expert help of Dee Dee Taylor Eustace (pictured at left), one of Canada’s leading authoritative architects and designers, in a summer-long print advertising campaign structured to showcase how the inspired Scotties box designs can add a perfect touch of style and elegance to every room.

“As an architect and interior designer, I always start with a design plan by choosing tones that contrast with color from accents such as tissue boxes, flowers and accessories,” says Taylor Eustace.


“I’m very happy to work with the team at Scotties to demonstrate how its unique box designs are the perfect touch to any room décor, providing a wide range of accents that blend perfectly into the consumer’s personal design style to keep it timeless and elegant.”

As part of the marketing campaign, Taylor Eustace will be featured in full-page Scotties print ads running in leading English and French lifestyle magazines across Canada this summer—sharing her style expertise on how to incorporate Scotties boxes into any home’s design palette.

In addition, Kruger will launching several new box designs for the Scotties Lotion brand of super-soft three-ply tissues containing aloe and vitamin E skin moisturizers, and four new box designs for the Scotties Supreme line of extra-thick facial tissues.

“Consumer research tells us that Canadians care just as much about the style and design of their Scotties box as they do about the premium quality of the tissue inside,” says Nancy Marcus, corporate vice-president of consumer marketing at Kruger Products.

“We are delighted to partner with such a highly credible Canadian architect and interior designer of Dee Dee Taylor Eustace’s caliber to give relevance to our ad campaign through her insights and style tips that demonstrate how every Scotties design box has a room in mind,” Marcus adds.


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