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Russia continues to disallow western foods through 2017

By Canadian Packaging staff   

Food Safety General Russia bans western food imports

Imports from Canada and the U.S. continue to be banned.

Despite continuing food shortages. Russia is upholding its ban of food imports from Canada, the U.S., and most of the European Union through 2017, though it has resumed trade relations with Turkey.

The import sanctions by Russia were imposed originally in 2014 after Russia invaded the Ukraine.

At one time in August of 2015, Russia played with the media to make its point and bulldozed banned smuggled in foreign cheese, steamrolled foreign fruit and burned boxes of foreign bacon—which just seems even more cruel.

While Russian president had in 2015 asked that smuggled foods be given to the needy rather than being destroyed, but the Kremlin said there was no way to assure that such illegally smuggled in goods were safe for public consumption.


The upheld ban includes meat, fish, dairy, fruits and vegetables, although Dutch flowers were also being summarily burned after Russian officials say that the flowers could pose a safety risk due to pest infestation.

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