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Preconfigured and efficient: the lightline Cartonpacker

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Schubert presents the case packer from the new lightline product family

At this year’s all4pack trade fair in Paris, Gerard Schubert GmbH is presenting its new lightline Carton packer to the French market for the first time. The case packer erects, fills and closes cartons in a very small space.

The preconfigured design allows customers to benefit from a short delivery time and lower procurement costs. The Carton packer is an element of the new Schubert lightline machine range. The company now offers three preconfigured packaging machines for standard packing tasks – designed for specific product and format variants. Along with the “lightline Cartonpacker”, these can also be used for pick-and-place applications with the “lightline Pickerline” and for packing into flow-wrap bags with the “lightline Flowpacker”.

Not all packing tasks demand the utmost flexibility. Often the focus is on simple, standardized packing tasks. At the same time, many manufacturers value high-quality machine engineering. For packing, filling and closing cartons in a very small space, Schubert now offers the lightline Carton packer. The machine is available in four versions for different types of carton: trays, shelf-ready cartons, RSC cases and wrap-around cartons. The Carton packer is also designed for a specific product, e.g. bags, boxes, bottles or cans. Depending on the type of carton, the machine is equipped with a suitable erecting, filling and closing tool. Schubert offers flexibility within the machine version: each product type can be packed into different format variants.

Delivered quickly and ready for use

At just 3.5 x 2.5 metres, the Carton packer scores points for its compact design. All function units – erecting, filling and closing – are put together in one preconfigured TLM frame. Thanks to its standardization, customers benefit not only from attractive investment costs, but also from short delivery times and accelerated entry into production. Schubert supplies the machine as a unit: assembly and commissioning within one week will also be possible in the near future. The time from receipt of the order to commissioning will amount to just two to three months. This will allow manufacturers to expand their capacity or react to new orders more quickly. The tried-and-tested functional principles of a Schubert TLM line and the intelligent machine control ensure reliable operation with a high degree of line availability for the entire service life of the machine.

Up to 200 boxes per minute

At all4pack, Schubert is presenting a lightline Cartonpacker that securely places up to 200 boxes per minute into wrap-around cartons. The cartons are perforated in a way that allows them to be opened quickly and easily by retailers and used as shelf-ready displays. The machine is designed for two different carton sizes: The first format of 190 x 195 x 180 millimeters holds ten smaller boxes, which can be packed into the carton and placed one behind the other. If 14 larger boxes are required in a shelf-ready pack, the 375 x 242 x 180-millimetre carton should be used. The Carton-packer on display fills between 11 and 19 wrap-around cartons per minute.

Standardization for more customer benefits

With the new Schubert lightline machine range, the globally recognized market leader in top-loading packaging machines continues to move the standardization of its technology forward – with the focus firmly on the optimal solution for the different needs of its customers. “Manufacturers can now choose between preconfigured machines from the new lightline product family with defined product and packing formats, and freely configurable machines with full movement axes that are individually tailored to customer requirements. For all these machines, we guarantee the same high quality that Schubert always offers,” says Marcel Kiessling. Schubert’s packaging machines allow manufacturers of all sizes to make the switch to robot-based automation or to expand existing lines.

The new Schubert lightline machine range includes packaging machines for standard packing tasks with preconfigured system components – along with the “lightline Cartonpacker”, these can also be used in pick-and-place applications with the “lightline Pickerline” and for packing into flow-wrap bags with the “lightline Flowpacker”.


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