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Plastic moving into more paper packaging applications

Material enhancements pushing increased use

December 16, 2010
by PIC staff

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Plastic will make gains in paper packaging markets, according to a new report by the US industry research firm, The Freedonia Group.

Paper versus plastic in packaging” says plastics will outpace paper packaging in nearly all competitive markets through to 2014, with demand increasing 2.3 per cent each year.

Paper’s overall demand will climb by just one per cent. Although its demand will expand at an above-average pace in the soy and other non-dairy beverage, protective packaging and foodservice markets, it will post limited gains in most markets.

The report says several trends will push plastics to the forefront:

  • enhancements to extend shelf life and increase durability
  • convenience features such as resealability and microwaveability
  • traits such as moisture resistance, good barrier properties, clarity and puncture resistance
  • more moderate resin pricing

It also identified a demand for rigid packaging due to an upswing in manufacturing output and continued online shopping.

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