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People Protection Initiative

By James D. Downham   

General Jim Downham Maple Leaf Foods PAC

The July 2008 outbreak of the listeria infection has devastated many Canadian families. This tragedy has reached epic proportions and our hearts go out to all the affected families.

Michael McCain, the embattled CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, is facing the crisis of his life-time as he works to ensure the ultimate survival of the company. We commend him for his transparency and courageous leadership in these efforts.

The latest front-page headlines screaming for a more effective food safety system have accentuated the need for PAC (Packaging Association of Canada) to assist our industry. In the wake of last year’s massive recall of pet-food containing tainted ingredients from China and, more recently, the public scare caused by the contaminated peppers originating in Mexico, this latest tragedy has hit too close to home—making it imperative for us and the industry to act now.

To this end, the PAC has moved quickly to introduce our People Protection Initiative. Because it is our responsibility to add value to our members, we strongly urge all CEOs and boardroom directors to join us in our quest to protect our employees, products, assets and, above all, public safety.


To accomplish this goal, PAC has been developing a strategy framed around three important products and services that share one common theme: PEOPLE SAFETY. Let me share with you the details of these important products and services, which are available to our members today.

PAC – Group Benefits and Property/Casualty Insurance – An Employee And Business Asset Safety Net
Insurance and benefits are critical to all good risk management programs—providing a valuable safety net in times of need. Through our relationship with Moore McLean, we are able to offer you one of three programs to address your specific needs:
• PAC insurance programs are specifically designed to address the diverse risk concerns faced by the packaging sector. As the exclusive Canadian distributor of the PMMI Risk Management and Insurance Program, Moore-McLean has established itself as an industry leader. Leveraging strategic market alliances, participating PAC members will benefit from enhanced coverage at the best possible prices.
• Historically, small organizations have had a difficult time getting coverage. However, Small Group Employers can now enjoy the safety of our association plan and preferred pricing through PAC membership, with the flexibility of choosing a plan design that best fits their needs, along with the autonomy of customized contracts.
• Groups over 10 Employees have access to a unique unbiased review of existing benefit program with on-the-spot analysis that will save you money and result in a thorough understanding of your benefit plan and premiums paid in less than 20 minutes.


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