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Olymel and Groupe Robitaille to invest $80 million and create 350 jobs

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Investment expected to double production output for two companies.

Chicken and pork processors Olymel and Groupe Robitaille have announced plans to jointly invest $80 million in their Yamachiche, Quebec, production and processing facility, creating an expected 350 jobs.

The investment will double the production output at the Atrahan facility in Yamachiche, as it will add a second shift of workers.

The upgrades to the facility should be completed within three years, bringing 430 workers from the Groupe Robitaille slaughterhouse to Olymel’s Atrahan facility where it currently has 360 workers—which means the expected employee count in three years will be ~1,140. It will mean, however, that the Groupe Robitaille facility will close.

The upgrades will include redevelopment of the hog receiving area, expansion of the slaughtering section, cold rooms and the butchering room, storage areas, shipping and service areas, as well as water treatment facilities, and the facility will be updated with new equipment.


Via a statement, Olymel and Groupe Robitaille said the upgrades will help satisfy customer requirements.

“Once the work is completed, the plant will be outfitted with the latest equipment, enabling it to meet its customers’ rigorous demands. The day shift will be mainly devoted to producing value-added products under the Mugifuji and Nagano brands.”

Both Mugifuji and Nagano brands are created for the Japanese market.

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