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New Smartbatch Frost Collection for PET Packaging

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The new Smartbatch Frost Collection enables bottle designs that mimic frosted and etched glass.

PolyOne launched its new Smartbatch Frost Collection for use in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) bottles. This is significant news for the packaging industry, particularly for beauty and personal care packaging brand owners.

I am reaching out to you to determine your interest in covering this new PolyOne technology. The company can also discuss packaging market trends, applications and/or other industry developments.

The new Smartbatch Frost Collection enables bottle designs that mimic frosted and etched glass.  It was developed to address steadily rising demand from packaging brand owners across the beauty/personal care industry worldwide for greater product differentiation, shelf appeal and environmental responsibility. This collection of customizable color and additive masterbatch formulations can also help streamline production and reduce manufacturing costs.

Since its initial launch, PolyOne can now expand on the Smartbatch Frost Collection story with additional information.  Some of this includes the following:

  • The Smartbatch Frost Collection can be used in all bottles made from PET and rPET, including bottles for hair, skin and body care products.
  • A sustainable product series, each material in the collection can be recyclable and combined with toners when used with recycled resins.
  • The Smartbatch Frost Collection is now available globally (in liquid and solid form).
  • The materials are well-suited to help the personal care industry address the growing trend of sensorial beauty, and packaging that enhances the physical experience for consumers.
  • The Smartbatch Frost Collection offers a one-step process to achieve both the desired molded-in color and frosted effect, eliminating the need for secondary processes such as sprays or painted-on effects, thereby helping to reduce costs and increasing speed to market.


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