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New CPG Report Calls For Common Language And Metrics

By Canadian Packaging Staff   

General Consumer Goods Forum Global Language for Packaging and Sustainability

The Global Language for Packaging and Sustainability report released by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is a call-to-action for the industry to set-up for the first time a common language and measurement system for trading partners in an effort to help make better decisions between packaging and sustainability.

The report wants to ensure that when creating packaging, the packaging industry minimizes its effect on the environment while still being able to perform its primary functions – the safe delivery of the product to the consumer.

The report details how packaging can contribute to improving sustainability, but cautions that reducing packaging should only be done if it does not impact on the safety of the impact of the product. As such, the report suggests that optimally, the best packages are those that deal with strength, safety and sustainability right from inception.

As well, the report compiled a measurement system featuring indicators and metrics for packaging and sustainability issues. Featuring 52 indicators, the report examined such economic details as: total cost of packaging, packaged product waste; environmental aspects, including packaging weight, material waste, packaging landfill rate; and social indicators like product safety, responsible work place practices, child labor and community investment.


For a full examination of the list, and to download your free copy of the report, click HERE


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