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Molson Coors’ Leslie Malcolm opens Top 50 Packaging Ideas

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Other speakers include Sebastien Mayer from Gerhard Shubert and Carl Joachim from ePac.

Join us June 10th for the second live presentation day, a virtual gathering that includes Leslie Malcolm, Brand Director, Seltzer, Flavour & Emerging Growth at Molson Coors Beverage Company. Leslie will share how the company is committed to developing liquids that win with a point of difference that matters. She will also discuss how Molson Coors aims to bring vibrancy, differentiation, and more velocity to drive its investments in the beverage space.

Other Speakers

Sebastien Mayer, Gerhard Shubert
In such fiercely competitive industries as food and confectionary, increased demands for diverse product ranges and packaging formats makes it tough to turn a profit. The key is automation with intelligent pick & place machines. Join Sebastien as he discusses how highly flexible and highly efficient packaging machines can create a cost-effective packaging process that future-proofes your operations.


Carl Joachim, ePac
Thanks to the wonders of digital printing, quick order/quick supply packaging is now available to even small and medium-sized operations. Join Carl as he walks us through how your operation can access high-quality printed flexible packaging in all formats and sealing options, tech once available only to the Fortune 500 set, and all at the touch of a computer pad.

Enjoy all of this, plus displays from the sector’s leading technology suppliers and interaction with colleagues, at the Top 50 Packaging Ideas Showcase, Day 2.


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