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Mettler Toledo’s CIVCore dot print tool a real winner

By Mettler Toledo   

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This Dot Print Tool integrates technology from Matrox Imaging SureDotOCR.

The Mettler Toledo CIVCore Software, which was featured as one of five finalists in Packaging Digest WestPack 2017 Innovation awards, is changing the way packagers label their products.

The latest development in the CIVCore Software, Dot Print Tool, is a unique tool used to detect variable inkjet printing, providing assurance that every package inspected will have the correct text, sell by or expiration dates applied to packages sent on to consumers. This will help ensure expired products are not sent to consumers, keeping recalls to a minimum and ensuring consumer safety in packaged goods.

This Dot Print Tool integrates technology from Matrox Imaging SureDotOCR. It works by detecting the unique dot matrix pattern displayed by inkjet printers. When the text is viewed by the software it interprets the shape of the dots to be a certain character. For packagers to use this product effectively they can set certain parameters of acceptable text that can pass inspection – for example certain dates for expiration – and others will be rejected.

By using the CIVCore Dot Print Tool to inspect expiration dates or lot codes, packagers will be able to automatically reject any misprints in the manufacturing facility. They will be able to rework the products onsite to ensure high-quality packages are completed, and eliminate any recalls that may occur had they not had this inspection performed.



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