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The meatball that changed the world

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Memphis Meats is able to make real meatballs in a lab using beef and or pork cells from a living animal.

Cows and pigs are breathing a sigh of relief.

Memphis Meats Inc. has figured out a way to grow meat in a lab by growing beef or pork cells in a sterile lab… and no animals were killed in the making of this meatball.

Memphis Meats of San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay area of California—with strong roots in Memphis, Tennessee—says it is using the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley with the culinary traditions of the American south to create a better—and more economical— meat for for the entire planet.

Armed with the knowledge that meat production is a relatively long and expensive affair—it takes an unsustainable 23 calories of grain to make one calorie of beef—as well as possible health risks, antibiotics, pathogens and more, Memphis Meats thought os a better solution.


The company is not the inventor of the technology, but it is doing its best to take the decades of previous experience in developing laboratory cultivated meat.

The farming process does not kill any animals, instead merely farms animal meat cells, grows them and then harvests them.

For the full story, read the article at and watch the company’s You Tube video below:

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