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McDonald’s Chicago burger contest

Winner of burger contest in Chicago to be added to McDonald's menu - plus guess what's coming to Canada?

December 10, 2015   by Canadian Packaging staff

While it might be both cool and gross to observe a contest at McDonald’s involving how many Big Mac‘s one can inhale in 10 minutes, the golden arches fast-food restaurant is instead holding a contest to find the best customer-designed burger at its restaurants in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana.

With 10 contestants and their original burgers, the contest has now come down to two:

  • The ChiTown Classic – a burger featuring two types of bacon: thick-cut Applewood smoked and Canadian; Pepper Jack cheese, red onions, tomato; and baby spinach and kale.;
  • The Rio Crisp – a burger featuring chili lime tortilla chips (the crisp); tomato; onions; Pepper Jack cheese; green leaf lettuce; and peppercorn sauce and guacamole.

For a limited time, both burgers are being sold, where customers can taste them and vote for their favorite.

Called the Chicagoland Burger Build Off Contest (though one might assume it’s different in Indiana), the winning burger designer gets US$5,000 plus a week-long trip to Universal Orlando Resort.

However, regardless of which burger is voted the favorite, McDonald’s only said that the burger with the highest sales will remain on area menus.

As for Canada… does McDonald’s Canada ever have cool contests or food tests like they do in the U.S.?

Well, not really. As seen in THIS related article, McDonald’s has brought in a “DIY Create Your Taste” to the U.S. and Australia first. Canada? Uh, no.

However Canada will reap the rewards of the positive test results, as the DIY Create Your Taste concept will be at its 1,400 McDonald’s restaurants by 2017, including self-service kiosks and table-delivery with a dedicated wait staff.

Apparently each Canadian McDonald’s restaurant will need to hire an additional 10 to 15 more staff, including a greeter to help guide the confused customers around the set. Along with the wait staff, apparently chefs will need to be hired, as some of the meals could be quite complex as it is adding about 30 different food options, including five cheeses and 12 different toppings, and options for buns and protein choice.

Canadian Packaging visited a McDonald’s website for Singapore and spied the following ingredients available… but note that it may not be the same for the Canadian edition coming in 2017.

Lettuce (no bun)

1/4-lb 100% Angus beef patty (no other protein offered)

Whole lettuce leaf;
Sandwich sliced pickles;
Wild rocket leaves;
Red onion rings
Sliced jalapenos;
Caramelized onions;
Sliced tomatoes

Classic cheese;
Pepper Jack;

BBQ sauce;
Big Mac special sauce;
Creamy garlic aioli;
Creamy black pepper sauce;
Spicy sauce;
Tomato jalapeno relish;

Premium Toppings
Tortilla chips;
Grilled pineapple ring;
Grilled mushrooms.

McDonald's Singapore Create Your Taste

If you look at the screen capture of the Singapore website above—the red button on the top right is something called “McDelivery“, where one can order McDonald’s on-line and have it delivered to your home or workplace by motorcycle or something similar. Granted Singapore is a small city-state one could walk across in 30 minutes, but… wow.

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