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Kotkamills ISLA Product Family of Plastic-Free Consumer Boards Expands to Ice Cream Packaging

Logan Caswell   

Design & Innovation General Cartoning Design

Kotkamills family of ISLA consumer boards are complemented by the freshest members of the family. ISLA Ice and ISLA Cream broaden the use of non-plastic solutions in the food industry with the expansion to ice cream packaging.

Easily recyclable ISLA Ice and ISLA Cream barrier boards are especially suited for take-away and retail ice cream cups, bowls, and containers. ISLA Ice and ISLA Cream are a combination of innovative products that have been developed in parallel to work tightly together as raw materials for ice cream packaging.

Ice cream packaging has commonly relied heavily on solutions based on plastics and plastic coatings. As an innovative forerunner Kotkamills is among the first to provide a plastic-free and recyclable alternative for ice cream manufacturers, packaging converters, retailers, and consumers. ISLA Ice functions as a sidewall material with an excellent printing surface, enhancing the rich colours and vibrant visual appearance that are characteristic especially in retail ice cream packaging. ISLA Cream is designed to function together as a high-performing material for the bottom of the container. The combination of the two paperboards provides the high hygienic food safety and required resistance against grease and the moisture of ice cream.

Both ISLA Ice and ISLA Cream are fully recyclable solutions and are available also as PEFC or FSC certified.



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