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Hear the podcast: Chris Tur on robot protection

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The Robot Industry Podcast is partnered with the Association for Advancing Automation A3 (aka The Robot Industry Association).

Our latest episode, released today is #55 and it features Chris Tur from Roboworld.

Chris is an industry expert on robot protection. They manufacture suits to protect these important industrial assets.


Chris Tur is President & CEO of Roboworld. He is a Robotic protection expert, patent holder and a TEDx presenter and a really interesting guy. Chris has worked in marketing for GE Aviation, business operations for GE Energy and Global Product Manager for GE Lighting. He has been involved in protecting robots for over 30 years and now has expanded to protecting robot teach pendents.

In this edition of A3 the #robotindustrypodcast we talk about:

  • Why protect robots?
  • What are we protecting?
  • Protecting teach pendents (which are very expensive to replace) with Pendent Armour
  • Becoming a fabric expert to protect robots and robot seals
  • What are the worst environments that Roboworld has designed protection against?
  • Flowing air into a robot suit
  • Technical materials that get used include Kevlar, Hypalon, Norfab (Aluminized Kevlar), Teflon,
  • Environments and elements that Roboworld protects against: Splatter, slurry, slag, heat, cold, humidity, sandblasting, abrasives, investment casting, bacteria, caustic wash downs environments and even corrosion inhibitors.


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