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Happy anniversary PPEC!

PPEC, the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council, celebrates 25 years as the voice of the paper packaging industry in Canada.

October 29, 2015
by Canadian Packaging staff

If one is looking for a silver-lining in the corrugated and paperboard packaging industry, you need not look any farther than PPEC—the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council.

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at the Mississauga Convention Centre, some 125 friends and members of PPEC celebrated its 25th anniversary as the voice of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues.

Led by PPEC executive director John Mullinder, the celebration discussed the future of packaging, with its many challenges and opportunities—and then there was dinner and cake!

During the dinner event, a specially prepared video was shown providing never-before seen details and background on the history of PPEC. You can view that below and on our Canadian Packaging YOUTUBE website:


Hosted by Mullinder, special guest speakers at the event were the effervescent Green By Nature EPR chief operating officer Dan Lantz. Green By Nature is an alliance of Cascades Recovery, Emterra Environmental and Merlin Plastics, who joined together to earn the business contract to process all Blue Box materials for MMBC (Multi-Material British Columbia).

Lantz described how MMBC has been performing since it began operating in BC one year ago, offering tidbits and hopes for a similar scenario in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

Loblaw senior vice-present of corporate affairs and communication presented a frank discussion on Canadian grocers, discussing the Blue Box program, Stewardship Ontario and the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, while providing some insights on the retailer perspective on EPR (extended producer responsibility) in Canada.

Fibre Box Association president Dennis Colley once again traveled up from the U.S. to present facts and figures about the U.S. corrugated box segment detailing opinion on what is going on regarding EPR in the U.S.

While Province of Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Hon. Glen Murray was unable to be physically present at the event, he did send a long a recorded video message for the crowd.

In his stead, MOECC Resource Recovery Policy Branch director Wendy Ren bravely detailed the proposed actions for the Province of Ontario with regards to resource recovery legislation—a new upcoming law that will focus on producer responsibility—physical and financial—for any and all wastes created by its products.

Controversial? Probably, but it is similar to what British Columbia is already doing, and apparently doing well. The key monkey wrench in the works for Ontario, is simply that the anticipated changes will not be how existing waste management and recycling streams operate now.

If the first 25 years of PPEC have been exciting, the present and future certainly are too.

Although blurry in this photo, PPEC executive director John Mullinder is always concise, polite and clear in the policies and actions surround the paper packaging industry and the environment.

Although blurry in this photo, PPEC executive director John Mullinder is always concise, polite and clear in the policies and actions surrounding the Canadian paper packaging industry and its role in the environment.

Lastly… Canadian Packaging has been assured that the candles in the top-most photo were indeed made from recycled paper products. 🙂 Happy anniversary PPEC.

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