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Great Lakes Brewery going to Wonderland

Toronto’s Great Lakes Brewery partners with Canada’s Wonderland to create two new beer brands.

April 25, 2018   by Canadian Packaging staff

TORONTO—Traveling down the rabbit hole, Toronto-based brewery Great Lakes Brewery has partnered with Canada’s Wonderland to produce to beers themed specifically for the amusement park, based on two of its popular rides: Behemoth Blonde Ale and Leviathan Lager.

The two beers will be available at the full-licensed park at all of their bar locations.

One of the oldest craft breweries in Ontario, Great Lakes Brewery started up in 1987, and is brewing its two new Wonderland beers on its new 7 Barrel pilot system—a a copper system with a mash/lauter tun, hot liquor tank, and kettle that can brew upwards of 700 liters per batch run.

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