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Grand Bend Produce introduces the Blue Steele Potato

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Grand Bend Produce purchases rights to colorful South American spud variety.

The blue potato originates from South America but is now available in Ontario from Grand Bend Produce as the Blue Steele variety.

The blue-purple hue is naturally occurring from phytonutrients in the same way that other fruits and vegetables have naturally occurring colors. (One could have a whole dress color debate here.)

The Blue Steele Potato was recently featured at the Canadian Restaurant Conference in Toronto on stage at the Ontario Pavilion.

James Eddington, the head chef and owner of Eddington’s of Exeter says, “I am fortunate to be based in a region with amazing foods to choose from. This region is filled with delicious, fresh and innovative ways to bring healthy and local foods to the consumer. The Blue Potato is new for the consumer so we developed a fun, easy and creative way to present it on a plate paired with other amazing local food options.”

Grand Bend Produce worked with Agriculture Canada and their Accelerated Release program to trial the Blue Steele potato, ultimately purchasing the rights to this variety not only because of its excellent flavor but for its versatility when it comes to cooking.

“We’re very proud to have brought the Blue Steele Potato to Canada. Grand Bend Produce is no stranger introducing new products to market. We led the efforts to introduce the Mini Potato to the Canadian market and continue to focus on growing only the best products for our customers. We currently grow Mini Potatoes, Fingerling Potatoes and the Blue Steele Potato with more to come,” says Grand Bend Produce president Theo Rood.

While the Blue Potato Potato is not currently in every retail store, Sobeys has introduced it into their Ontario stores as a bulk product, though there is talk of developing packaging for it.

For more information on Grand Bend Produce or the Blue Steele Potato, contact the company at 519-243-2435 or visit


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