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Gov’t of Canada changes nutrition facts table and packaged foods ingredients list

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Amendments not expected to fully take affect until 2021.

Canada has amended its food and drug regulations to make the nutrition facts table and list of ingredients on packaged products better understandable re: healthier eating options.

According to Health Canada, the amendments will help Canadians reduce salt/sodium in processed foods, while also introducing restrictions on commercial marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages to children and adults.

The new labeling changes will affect serving sizes, making the comparison of serving sizes less complex.

The updated nutrition facts table includes five percent  “little” and 15 percent as a “lot” to describe the percent daily value—% DV— for Canadians.

The changes will help consumers better understand the nutrition make-up of a product, which will allow them to better compare against similar products.

Health Canada indicates that the nutrition facts table will include more, and thus better information on sugar values, with products expected to now include a % DV for total sugar in any given product.

Food colors will now be called by its common name, while new health claims are to be included on all fruits and vegetables.

These changes, while widespread, are to take affect by 2021, allowing processors a chance to get up to speed.

For a list of amendments made to Canada’s labeling system, click HERE to visit the Government of Canada website.


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