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GMG ColorCard receives a PRINTING United Alliance 2020 Product of the Year Award, Software—Color Enhancement, its third honour in two months

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Tuebingen, Germany (October 14, 2020) – GMG ( announces that GMG ColorCard has won a 2020 PRINTING United Alliance Product of the Year award in the Software—Color Enhancement category. This GMG ColorCard award joins the 2020 InterTech Technology Award and the 2020 Label Industry Global Award for Innovation for companies with up to 300 employees.

For non-output categories, Product of the Year entries were scored by a panel of judges, all experts within their respective realm of the printing industry. The diverse group of judges worked to identify the best products, many submitted in highly saturated categories.

Until now, the process of creating “drawdowns”—the physical color samples produced to test customized inks for brand color matches—has been created with manual, outdated, conventional processes. The future of color references is digital, and GMG ColorCard will help to drive digitalization and eliminate analog processes in the ink kitchen. It uses a digital process that produces sample cards with just a few clicks in three minutes, has digital precision and repeatability, and does not require special expertise. GMG ColorCard shows the paper tint and structure, and predicts the production tolerance, based on defined printing process parameters. Also, it can effectively simulate how halftones will print on a press, unlike conventional analog methods. With GMG ColorCard, everything happens digitally, on the same card, produced locally or on remote inkjet printers, completely eliminating the time and cost of shipping and sharing.

“When GMG develops new products, we always looks for new, influential applications where we can make life easier for anyone in the graphics production supply chain. What is exciting for us is that GMG ColorCard has now received honors from three different industry ’groups’, with focus in labels, general print, and the Product of the Year Award, Software—Color Enhancement, with a legacy in digital print,” comments Rainer Schmitt, GMG Head of Strategy and Product Management. “We are happy, once again, that GMG ColorCard is recognized for digitizing the color workflow in the ink kitchen, making it faster, more repeatable, and very economical.”


This year, the Product of the Year program features a new dedicated virtual gallery where entries are displayed. A description of GMG ColorCard can be found at:

For more information about GMG ColorCard, please visit

About GMG: GMG is a leading developer and provider of high-quality color management software solutions. The company was founded in 1984 in Tübingen. With more than 35 years of experience in the graphics industry, the GMG brand is a guarantee of high-quality solutions across the field of color. GMG has focused on delivering complete solutions for the standardization and simplification of color management workflows to achieve consistent colors on all media and in every print process. Today more than 12,000 systems are in use worldwide. These customers come from a wide range of branches of industry and areas of application. They include, among others, advertising agencies, pre-press firms, offset, flexo, packaging, digital and large format printing presses, as well as intaglio printing companies. GMG is represented by branch offices and dealers worldwide.


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