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Everybody poops on-line

By Canadian Packaging Staff   


On-line video ad goes viral with 13-million YouTube hits and counting for a pre-poop fragrance spritz that wipes out toilet smells as they land.

Whether or not Poo-Pourri‘s success on YouTube turns into financial gain at the bank, its foray into digital media has achieved the sweet smell of success with 13-million hits and counting.

First. Yes… this is a real product. Aimed at the female market—though Canadian Packaging assumes is also strong enough for a man—Poo-Pourri is a spray that is sprayed into the toilet before pooping that, according to the manufacturer, eliminates any embarrassing smell.

Created by Jeffery Harmon, the Poo-Pourri video “Girls Don’t Poop” is a masterpiece of copy writing and film.

Featuring an elegant angelic British redhead in a devilish blue dress, the video opens with the sound of a toilet flushing and a stall in a woman’s washroom opening to reveal the actress with her legs crosses calmly delivering the line:


“You would not believe the motherload I just dropped.”

Crappy copy it ain’t! Harmon and Poo-Pourri just grabbed everyone’s attention as the viewer has now been captured in jaw-dropping fashion.

No ever one talks about poop except in code!

But, since that’s Poo-Pourri’s business, how else should one market their sprayable product? With clean, but frank words.

And to have the copy delivered by a woman in a mid-level British accent is a stroke of genius. Classy look. Classy sound. Delivering borderline dirty copy.

Like most people, after viewing the video, there is a rush to the company website to verify if this spray is a real product or not.

It is.

Now the rest is up to the consumer to prove that digital advertising can clean-up at the cash register.

See the Poo-Pouri  video:
Girls Don’t Poop

You may also visit the company website for your own personal reasons:  ‪‬.


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