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Domino and R+D Automation build a healthy partnership

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R+D Custom Automation partners with Domino to brainstorm tailored coding solutions for each challenge created by the development of their client’s custom machines for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

What began as a 5,000-square-foot tool and die shop in 1977 has evolved into a turnkey custom automation business in Lake Villa, Illinois.

R+D Automation operates on 40,000 square feet between two facilities and specializes in building machines for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry.

“People come to us when they have a problem. They can’t find a piece of machinery [in] a catalogue—so we do all of our own design and manufacturing,” explains R+D Automation chief technical officer Eric Holmes.

Because R+D Automation creates each machine from scratch, the quality of parts and construction are vital to the success of the design.


In addition, these machines must fulfill many performance parameters to comply with the standards of the health sciences and pharmaceutical industry. Trust is crucial to any partnership R+D Automation pursues for a project.

“That’s one of the reasons we go to Domino,” Holmes declares. “We know we’re going to get quality equipment, and there’s expertise on staff that understands the needs in the pharmaceutical and life science industry.”

Product Solution
Domino’s diverse product offerings, constant investment in development and flexibility for collaboration makes them the perfect partner for R+D Automation.

“We can come to them with challenges, partner up with them, then come up with a solution for our customers,” Holmes explains.

Recently, a customer approached R+D Automation with a challenge to mark on small vials individually while running 220-250 parts per minute.

“The [Domino] fiber laser really solved a big issue for us,” says Holmes.

Featuring a compact design, high-pulse power and durable design, Domino’s fibre laser delivers supreme speed, precision and reliability.

“We were able to etch at speed really cleanly, with less maintenance, very accurate codes and get a good quality product out for them,” Holmes says. “Domino really vets out the application, and brings us good quality information. We’re comfortable that we’re going to get the best product for the job.”

Service Solution
“The partnership part of what we do is the most important thing. There’s a give and take,” R+D Automation president and chief executive officer Loren Esch says about the value of a longstanding relationship with a credible partner like Domino.

He continues: “We clearly know each other’s spot. If you don’t know that or you’re working with customers or vendors for the first time that can be painful. It can take a lot of time and can lead to a lot of mistakes.”

Domino’s ability to provide full-service guidance, expertise and fulfillment makes them the ideal partner for all R+D Automation’s coding and printing needs.

Adds Holmes, “Our customers are comfortable knowing that we control that quality and they trust us and the people we use to provide equipment to build their machines. On behalf of everyone here at R+D Automation—thanks, Domino.”

Rewriting the Relationship
Custom projects combined with the stringent regulations of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry present frequent, new and often exciting challenges. R+D Automation finds success by collaborating with reliable partners such as Domino.

Summing up, Esch says: “As our relationship grows with Domino, the competition just gets eliminated because the relationship is seamless and the project is successful.”

See the video HERE on Domino’s partnership with R+D Custom Automation.

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