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Del Monte: over 135 years of quality

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TORONTO, April 1, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – In Canada, the Del Monte brand became part of the Bonduelle Group, the world reference in living well through plant-based food. The Del Monte brand has been a staple in Canadian households for more than a century*. Generation after generation, Del Monte has offered Canadians delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. Conagra Foods took over Del Monte’s Canadian operations in 2012, broadening its range of fruits and vegetables and further strengthening its standing in the category. Joining the big Bonduelle family, which acquired the Del Monte brand licence in Canada in 2018 for the long-life portfolio, was a natural progression for Del Monte’s development in Canada. Both brands share the same values of innovation and sustainable food.

* On January 16, 1918, the Del Monte trademark was registered in Canada.

To produce its first canned fruit, the original Del Monte brand owner built a huge canning facility in San Francisco. It welcomed its first workers in 1907 and, by 1909, was the largest fruit and vegetable cannery in the world. The building still stands today and has become an iconic attraction housing shops and restaurants.

Del Monte’s red and yellow shield has been part of the brand’s identity since its earliest days. The company added the word “quality” to show that quality is at the centre of its brand promise. Early ads assured customers that the quality seal was “not a label, but a guarantee.” In 1911, Del Monte replaced its hand-soldered cans with three-piece containers to better preserve product integrity, in keeping with its quality guarantee.


In all these years, one thing hasn’t changed: the trust consumers have in Del Monte. According to a study by Ipsos1, Canadian awareness of this century-old brand is 96%! And 51% of Canadians buy Del Monte products every month. A 2019 Nielsen study revealed that Del Monte also enjoys the highest customer loyalty in its category.

As part of its commitment to meet consumers’ demands, Del Monte has reformulated 17 products over the past year, mostly to reduce their sugar and calorie content. Over the same period, Del Monte has also modernized and simplified its packaging, launched 12 new products, and repositioned itself in the market to showcase what makes it original.

With its canned fruits and on-the-go fruit cups, Del Monte ensures Canadian families get the nutrients and vitamins they need, supplying them with quality fruits and vegetables all-year round.

In fruit cocktail, chunks, slices, or halves; in slightly sweetened water, 100% fruit juice from concentrate, light syrup, or in water with no added sugar, there’s a Del Monte product to suit every consumer’s taste. A broad range of fruits that fit into a flurry of inspiring ideas for how to use them!

First there were sweet peas, green beans, whole kernel corn and cream style corn, most of which were later sold in no salt added versions. And since canned corn is a favourite with consumers, Del Monte introduced new varieties to suit every palate, including Mexican, Mediterranean and Southwest Style Corn medleys that are ready- to-eat or can be added to salads and chilis. Del Monte is always innovating and recently launched easy-to-use vegetables, including diced beets, shredded carrots, and shredded celery root. Ideal solutions to simplify your life!

Del Monte’s on-the-go fruit cups are practical for lunches, snacks, and busy mornings, and quickly became a shopping cart staple. Recently, Del Monte added its Fruit & Oats and Fruit & Chia products that combine grains and cereals with real chunks of fruit. Del Monte’s goal has always been to offer tasty, simple and nutritious products.

About Del Monte® Canada
In Canada, the Del Monte brand has been part of the Bonduelle family since 2018. Bonduelle is the world reference in living well through plant-based food. The company makes every effort to ensure that everyone can live well through a healthy and sustainable plant-based diet. Well-established in North America, Bonduelle operates 13 plants across Canada and the US where they specialize in ready-to-eat, plant-based meals. Bonduelle transforms frozen and canned vegetables, as well as a range of canned sauces, baked beans, legumes and soups. As well as producing major distributor and retail brands, Bonduelle also markets its own brands, including Bonduelle, Arctic Gardens, Graves and Del Monte in Canada, and Bonduelle in the US.

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