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Carl Joachim of ePac Flexible Packaging to present at Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo

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ePac Flexible Packaging will be presenting on quick order and turnaround flexible packaging available through digital printing technology.

Small to medium sized enterprises can now receive the same kind of treatment reserved for larger companies. ePac Flexible Packaging will address their inclusive and sustainable approach to supplying Canada’s entrepreneurial CPG’s.

No more do you have to be a Fortune 500 company to receive first class flexible packaging service.

Thanks to the wonders of digital printing, quick order/quick supply packaging is available to all small to medium sized entrepreneurial companies.

Why wait at the end of the line?

Listen to Carl Joachim of ePac Flexible Packaging at the Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo explain how high quality printed flexible packaging in all formats and sealing options is available to you at the touch of your computer pad.

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