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B.Men gets a new package

M&H package the new B.Men moisturizer for Potter & Moore and Superdrug.

January 11, 2016
by Canadian Packaging staff

M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group of companies, has recently been commissioned to package a new range of men’s moisturizer—B.Men—for Potter & Moore and Superdrug.

Using the 50ml Airfree Vega and Ecosolution pump the package allows for products that are sensitive to oxygen to be used. The combination of the co-extruded blowmolded bottle and injection molded pump gives superb barrier qualities.

The Vega range is unique in that the Ecosolution pump it takes is both reduced in the number of pieces it contains (this pump has only four pieces compared to 10-11 pieces for a more “standard” pump) and more importantly, all the pieces are made from plastic (most standard pumps will have metal in them—springs, ball bearings, etc), so this makes the pack 100 percent  recyclable in the plastics waste stream.rpc2015.185 M&H B.Men Potter & Moore pic 2

Potter & Moore packaging manager Leigh Melton comments, “M&H offered the perfect solution to Superdrug customers, who are actively seeking more natural products with fewer preservatives and this innovative pack enables the product to stay fresh whilst offering environmental benefits over existing formats. Sales have been surpassing all expectations since it launched a few weeks ago.”

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