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Automatic retailing by robot

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Retail robot moves around store and checks stock, pricing and more—being tested in-store now.

The Tally robot manufactured by Simbe Robotics is being called the world’s first robotic autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution.

It moves autonomously through retail shop aisles capturing, reporting and analyzing retail stock on the store shelves and even helps ensure compliance with the store’s planogram – the ideal placement of products on shelves in order to maximize sales.

Tally can scan for low-stock, misplaced items (darn customers), pricing errors or even product incorrectly placed on the shelf (darn stock people), and it will even return to its charging dock when low on power (lunch), but what it can’t do is fix the retail problem.

But, no worries, Tally will send all the data to an off-site cloud center for processing, recommendations will be made and sent to the retailer via an app.


And all without micromanaging.

Simbe Robotocs says that it can be utilized safely during regular store hours, and won’t bump into employees or annoying shoppers, though the possibility exists that someone could bump into it.

Tally weighs 13.6kg. is 96cm tall, but that height can be adjusted per retailer need.

Tally is being tested in a few stores across North America – so be on the look out.


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