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A better way to label

Banding Systems will be displaying both manual and automated solutions at the Chicago PACK EXPO and Toronto's Grocery Innovations Show

September 5, 2018
by Banding Systems

As confirmed participants in both the PACK EXPO International 2018 and the Grocery Innovations Show in Toronto, Banding Systems will provide a 360-degree labeling solution that will give your marketing team more package real estate to add valuable information to the consumer. Banding is much more cost-effective labeling solution as cost-per-label is reduced significantly, while also eliminating the material waste of backing paper.

Banding Systems offers labeling solutions for a plethora of different industries, including organic food, graphics, pharmaceutical and beverage.

Banding Systems has a complete line of equipment that is based on the labeling needs of the consumer, from manual to fully integrated automated solutions. They are equipped with an experienced graphics team to help place unique graphics on a band. They will even give a complimentary band mock up using the graphics from their consumers.

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