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X-Ray Technologies Boost Inline Efficiencies While Simultaneously Improving Safety and Quality

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Food Safety X-Ray AUTOCAL™ Eagle Product Inspection EPX100 EPX100-S VALIDATE™

Doing more with less doesn’t mean sacrificing one thing for another

Doing more with less doesn’t mean sacrificing one thing for another. At a time of high production goals, a tight labor market and ongoing concerns about preventing recalls, manufacturers can enlist systems that perform multiple tasks to help them increase efficiency while ensuring product safety, quality and consistency.

Advanced inspection systems from Eagle Product Inspection identify physical contaminants and product flaws while simultaneously boosting efficiencies for manufacturers who are balancing multiple priorities.

“Ultimately, by improving line efficiencies and protecting products and brands, x-ray systems can help food and beverage manufacturers save time and money,” says Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle Product Inspection.

Inline inspection systems improve different aspects of line efficiencies:


Time efficiency: Inline x-ray systems keep up with high line speeds and hit throughput goals. Eagle’s versatile systems with quick product setup and changeover keep things moving and reduce downtime. These systems are powered by the latest-generation software that allow users to perform simultaneous
quality checks, automatically and quickly checking things like fill level, mass measurement or component count. Other time-saving features are available for today’s manufacturers, such as the Product Switch™ function that allows items with different inspection requirements to run on the same line.

Cost efficiency: X-ray inspection machines are more cost-efficient than other detection tools, such as magnet detectors that require more frequent cleaning and have a comparatively limited scope. Eagle x-ray machines are versatile and can conduct simultaneous checks for quality and safety – thereby improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness – and can eliminate the need for additional machines. A smaller machine footprint frees up valuable line space that can be optimized for other processes and systems. In addition, x-ray machines offer a lower total cost of ownership, with rugged construction and innovative designs created for demanding operational environments.

Labor efficiency: With labor an ongoing challenge in the food manufacturing industry, advanced inspection machines are easy to operate, with software that provides easy-to-read onscreen diagnostics and on-demand or routine calibration, like Eagle’s VALIDATE™ and AUTOCAL™ features, with the push of a button. Also, by using advanced inspection systems, operators can virtually eliminate false rejects that require manual rework.

An example of an x-ray machine that results in improved line efficiencies as well as quality and safety is the new EPX100-S for packaged foods and other consumer goods. The EPX100-S (“S” for short) is an extension of the original EPX100 machine introduced and is a low-energy, high-value detection system that is easy to operate, enables digital connectivity for quick machine access and support and is versatile for use in a variety of product applications.


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