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Rapak Europe debuts launch of Bag-In-Box with tamper-evident screwcap adapter system

February 15, 2018   by Canadian Packaging staff

Rapak Europe, a business unit of DS Smith, Plastics Division, has announced the first commercial launch of Bag-in-Box with a new tamper evident screwcap adapter system.

The new adapter with an external tamper evident ring was developed by Rapak´s sister company, Worldwide Dispensers, and released in November 2017. Three months after the solution has been presented to the industry, a renowned dairy company in Germany commercialized the first Bag-in-Box with the new tamper evident screwcap adapter, proving there is a growing interest for a hygienic tamper evident solution when dispensing liquid foods.

Key benefits of the new tamper evident screwcap adapter include direct permanent evidence of initial opening, better tightness (up to 10psi) and less probability of leakage to ensure product safety and integrity. The external tamper evident ring is now visible from all angles, providing direct permanent evidence of initial opening.

It is a universal adapter which can fit a wide range of glands and connect to quick-serve taps, coupling adapters, piercing membranes and pump systems, among others.


For example, the tamper evident screwcap adapter allows the product to be dispensed directly from Bag-in-Box through a pump, having a perforation on the top of the box.  It can be used with any Bag-in-Box product such as liquid egg, sauces, dairy, edible oil, home and personal care liquids.

In other Bag-in-Box screw cap adapters available in the market, the tamper evident ring gets easily separated from the system and might end up in the product itself. The new Rapak tamper evident screwcap adapter’s ring is retained on the fitment preventing any risk of product contamination.

The introduction of Rapak tamper evident screwcap adapter further validates DS Smith Plastics’ position as an innovation partner and leading supplier of flexible packaging solutions.

More information about the company can be found at

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