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New packaging protects food from harmful mineral oils

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Walki has developed Mineral Oil Safe Technology (MOST), an efficient extrusion coating that keeps mineral oil away from foods.

Many packaged foods contain mineral oils, which are potentially unsafe for human consumption.

The Walki Group has developed Mineral Oil Safe Technology (MOST), an efficient extrusion coating that keeps mineral oil away from our food.

“Mineral oil contains Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon (MOAH), which is especially harmful to humans because our systems can’t break it down. It accumulates inside our bodies when we eat food that contains MOAH,” says Walki vice-president for business development Mirka Nevala.

Walki Group is a leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, specializing in the production of fiber based, intelligent, multi-laminate products for markets ranging from energy saving construction facings and construction membranes to barrier packaging applications.


MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbon) and MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon) are commonly used in industrial inks and can sometimes be found in printing dyes for packaging materials.

According to a study published by Dr. Koni Grob et al and the Swiss Official Food Control Authority, dry food runs a significant risk of mineral oil contamination originating from recycled fiber-based packaging materials.

Walki has developed Walki Pack MOST (Mineral Oil Safe Technology), a polymer laminate packaging product that provides the most effective barrier of its kind against mineral-oil contamination. In addition to shutting out grease and water, this glueable, sealable and recyclable packaging solution also provides a secure polymer barrier against mineral oil contamination.

Walki Pack MOST creates a barrier against other unwelcome substances, such as Benzophenone, Bisphenol A, DIPN and softeners, which could be found in recycled fibers. It also prevents cross contamination from other transport packaging. Walki Pack MOST has been approved for direct food contact, in accordance with EU directive 10/2011.

“This product will enable the food-packing industry to solve the growing issue of contaminated food,” explains Stefan Erdmann, technical service & development manager for Walki’s Barrier Board products. “Food companies and brand owners who adopt mineral oil safe packaging materials are demonstrating their commitment to delivering safer food products to the marketplace.”

The effectiveness of WALKI Pack MOST has been verified by independent research institutes such as VTT in Finland and Innoform in Germany, as well as by renowned expert Dr. Rainer Brandsch from MDCTec Systems GmbH.

Although there are currently no EU standards that regulate MOSH and MOAH, many governments are looking into new legislation. In Germany, laws could be introduced as early as 2016 and are likely to pave the way for EU-wide mineral oil regulations.

The Walki Group has plants in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the U.K., Russia and China with a workforce of about 900 people. Annual net sales for the Group are over €300 million (~CDN $441.7 million). More information available at

Image caption: There is a significant risk of mineral oil migration from recycled fibere-based packaging materials. Image © Walki Group Oy.


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