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Atmospheric hydroxyl generating systems given a-ok from Health Canada.

March 18, 2014   by Canadian Packaging Staff

Hydroxyl Environmental, Inc. has received a “Letter of No Objection” from Health Canada for its line of ODOROX atmospheric hydroxyl generating systems.

The ODOROX atmospheric hydroxyl generating technology is field-proven to mitigate the contamination risks associated with Listeria (ATCC 19111), Black mold (ATCC 16404), Salmonella (ATCC 23564) and E-coli (ATCC 11229) while improving sanitation performance by way of existing biocide practices.

By running the equipment 24 hours a day, ODOROX equipment reduces pathogen and viral transmission rates within the treatment space in the air, on surfaces and through contents. Within the food and beverage industries, ODOROX equipment reduces biofilm including all hard‐to‐reach areas on production and packaging equipment. As a result, the technology reduces downtime resulting from unacceptable bacteria counts, improves productivity during scheduled changeovers or end of production day cleaning and sanitizing time. This results in reduced labor and increased production time through a reduction in mean time between cleaning/sanitation/sterilization.

ODOROX atmospheric hydroxyl generating technology can be used in occupied spaces to neutralize organic and inorganic odors, VOC’s, mold, and pathogenic bacteria and virus. ODOROX atmospheric hydroxyl generating technology has been laboratory tested to be safe for people, animals, plants, and sensitive materials such as rubber, plastic, leather, and electronics. It is more effective and affordable than filters, scrubbers, chemical foggers, masking agents, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine and ozone.

ODOROX is a registered trademark of HGI Industries Incorporated of Boynton Beach, Florida.

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