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By Bojana Petkovic   

A simple guide to creating more attractive labels for cannabis products

There are many requirements for packaging and labeling legal recreational cannabis products in Canada. These requirements include a lot of information that needs to fit into a limited space.

Hence it is crucial to know how to create a label that is user-friendly while, at the same time, makes the product more appealing to the consumers.

Here is everything you need to know about the process of creating the best labels for cannabis products.



Every label must specify the amount of THC and CBD contained in a product, but the two numbers need to be separated so that consumers do not mix them up.

The first one is the percentage of cannabinoids in a dried product, and the second one is the percentage of cannabinoids after the product is heated.


All consumers want to know that they are buying products that will last at least a little while.

That is the reason why the expiration date should be stated on the label even though it is not mandatory by Health Canada regulations. That way, you are assuring your customers that they are getting a fresh product.


Every cannabis product has the company name and contact information written on it, but not all of them have the specific strain of cannabis that was used, as well as the dominant terpene it contains.

This information shows what users can expect, which in turn, will attract more customers who consider such information relevant.


One of the most eye-catching elements on all cannabis products is the standardized cannabis symbol.

All products containing THC must have this symbol.

Make sure it is easily noticeable so you can attract more customers.


Excise stamp shows that the manufacturer has paid the federal cannabis excise tax to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Also, every stamp has a unique identification number and a specific color, depending on where the cannabis-based product is being sold.


The warning is probably the most important part of the label.

All warning labels must contain at least one of-Health Canada’s pre-written warnings printed on a standardized yellow-and-black background.

Also, they must have a second warning in both English and French that reads, “Keep out of reach of children.”

Make sure these warnings are placed on a label so that consumers can easily see them.


The opening instructions are not required for all cannabis products by Health Canada. Still, since all containers must be manufactured according to a government child-proofing standard, they are more than welcome.

Cannabis manufacturers are allowed to add a black-and-white image with opening instructions on their labels, which consumers will undoubtedly find useful.


When it comes to buying cannabis products, people will certainly judge a book by its cover. Creating the perfect cannabis label can seem complicated, but if you follow these simple rules, you will be able to do it right. The most important thing you need to remember is that the more information the label includes, the more chances for sales, which will further lead to increased brand awareness.

Bojana Petkovic is project manager with Loud Cloud, a U.S.-based market research firm specilizing in the legal cannabis industry.

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