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FCC Supports Innovation in Canadian Agriculture and Food

July 7, 2021   by Farm Credit Canada

There is nothing ordinary about the future of agriculture and food in Canada.

From technology and automation to upcycling and reducing food waste, 11 ag tech companies at the recent AgShowcase sponsored by Bioenterprise and FCC highlighted how they are building businesses that will benefit the industry and consumers through unique, solution-focused innovation.

It was just over a year ago when FCC formed a partnership with Bioenterprise, Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine which provides accelerator, mentorship and support services for entrepreneurs and innovative companies in Canada’s agribusiness and agri-food sector.

The AgShowcase held virtually in June highlighted the progress that’s being made.


“FCC believes investing in innovation is a key to strengthening Canada’s agriculture and food sectors. By increasing access to capital from seed stage to later stage we are seeing real results,” says Rebbecca Clarke, FCC Vice-president and Treasurer. “Bioenterprise, Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine is also creating a collaborative and cooperative ecosystem of support for these innovative ideas which is driving success.”

The 11 businesses are part of a larger community of entrepreneurs that are diversifying Canada’s agri-food markets and attracting a labour force with varied skill sets that will help the industry achieve its potential.

Gaia Protein is applying modern agricultural science and technology to cricket production in the emerging Canadian insect agriculture industry. They are focused on producing a high-quality product with low-cost inputs and environmental advantages. They want their approach to be a role model for other agriculture production systems. Gaia also doesn’t consider itself a competitor with other protein producers but rather another viable source of nutrition.

With a belief that data collection is a cornerstone of transparency and efficiency in Canada’s food system, TheoryMesh is focused on certification, traceability and sustainability through its technology. Their platform offers food solutions throughout the data pipeline including inputs, farming, processing, transport, packaging and distribution.

Savormetrics is empowering the food supply chain by addressing food security, increasing food quality, reducing water waste and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. It does this through the technology it has developed that analyzes food. The data it produces allows farmers and food companies to make the best possible business choices in real time.

GroundUp Eco-ventures sees potential in Canadians’ desire for upcycled foods. Upcycling is taking something that is considered waste and repurposing it to create something of higher value. GroundUp upcycles bakery and brewery ingredients to make super flours, bakery mixes and sustainable oils that are healthy and earth-friendly. They have a line-up of products including coffee flour, brownie mix and pancake mix.

Those are just four of the companies who are turning challenges into opportunities and setting the course for Canada’s agriculture and food sectors.

Here is a complete list of the innovative companies featured at the AgShowcase sponsored by Bioenterprise and FCC:

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