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Tokyo Canmaker Summit awards

Chivas Regal whiskey wins 2012 can of the year.

October 2, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

TOKYO—The winner of the 2012 Can of the Year at The Canmaker Summit held in Tokyo, Japan, on September 27, 2012 is a highly-decorated metal container for Chivas Regal whiskey made by French canmaker Virojanglor.

The Chivas RegalMade for Gentlemen’ series is one of a number of collaborations between the UK-based Scotch whiskey producer and craftsmen “who represent style, luxury, heritage and creativity”.

The design is inspired by the detail of the shoes made by Tim Little, whose handcrafted brogues under the Grenson brand name are reflected by Virojanglor’s remarkable decoration and embossing, which runs around the can’s corners.

James Slack, global brand director for Chivas Regal, says: “Our core customers are successful, modern gentlemen who seek style and substance in the brands that they connect with. Our collaboration with Tim Little taps into this insight—it’s stylish, distinctive and, importantly, a modern take on the typical whiskey gift tin.”

Located north of Paris, Virojanglor employed its own confidential micro-embossing techniques, including on side corners and rolled edges. The precision from offset printing to micro-emboss registration that requires anamorphic analysis and hydraulic press vibration control was a particular challenge, said the canmaker.

Delegates at The Canmaker Summit were also able to vote for their favorite Cans of the Year entry. They chose the highly-decorated 20cl (6-2/3 oz) can made by Daiwa for Boss brand coffee produced by Japanese drinks manufacturer Suntory. The Boss can had already won the Gold award in the Beverage Three-piece category.

The Boss brand can is a spectacular example of the ready-to-drink 20cl retorted cans used in the Japanese domestic market where some 10.5 billion are sold each year, many from vending machines.

Made from tin-free steel with welded three-piece construction, the can features a glossy laminated label, an easy-open end and a diamond pattern of forming on the body that provides a stylish appearance and flexibility during heat processing.

To recognize technology that advances the limits of metal packaging’s environmental credentials, this year the Cans of the Year included a Sustainability award.

The prize went to Japan’s Toyo Seikan Kaisha for its two-piece beverage can for Dydo processed coffee, which features the company’s Toyo ULtimate Can (TULC) technology, a version of which won the Can of the Year award in 2011.

Toyo Seikan’s latest can is made of polyester-coated steel and is the lightest on the market with a beading pattern that enables downgauging from 0.225mm to 0.185mm.



Virojanglor (France)
Secondary tinplate container with embossed decoration for Chivas Regal 12 Limited Edition Scotch whiskey


Gold: DS Containers (USA)
Two-piece drawn polymer-coated steel can for Barbasol shaving cream
Silver: Brasilata (Brazil)
Three-piece welded tinplate can for Rost Off anti-corrosion spray
Bronze: CCL Container (USA)
Impact-extruded aluminum can for Coppertone Sport sunscreen


Gold: Daiwa Can (Japan)
Three-piece welded and beaded 20cl can for Boss coffee
Silver: Fast Drinks (Spain)
Self-heating welded tinplate can for 20cl 2GO drinks
Bronze: Ball Corporation (USA)
Three-piece welded flat top can for Churchkey beer


Gold: Ball Corporation (USA)
D&I 24oz aluminum can with textured finish for Miller Lite beer
Silver: Rexam Beverage Can (UK)
D&I aluminum 75cl can for Baltika beer
Bronze: Pacific Can (China), Fusion
D&I 35.5cl sleek aluminum can for Fusion beer


Gold: Ball Corporation (USA)
D&I aluminum 16oz re-sealable bottle for Chaka ale
Silver: Universal Can Corporation (Japan)
D&I aluminum 35cl bottle with vented ROPP closure for Boss Silky Drip coffee
Bronze: Ardagh Group (France)
Impact-extruded 25cl aluminum bottle for Coca-Cola Light


Gold: Massilly (France)
Three-piece welded 75cl tinplate can for A L’Olivier oil
Silver: Metalúrgica Mocóca (Brazil)
Three-piece-welded and expanded tinplate 100g can with 73mm easy-open end for Nescafé Duo Grão coffee
Bronze: Saribekir Ambalaj (Turkey)
Three-piece welded tinplate 160g can with easy open end for Pancik tuna


Gold: Ardagh Group (South Korea)
Drawn tinplate 150g can with Easy Peel aluminum end for SAJO Premium Tuna
Silver: ORG Packaging (China)
Drawn laminated 70g steel can for tomato paste
Bronze: Kian Joo Can Factory (Malaysia)
Drawn steel can with easy-open end for Besta Mackerel


Gold: Universal Can Corporation (Japan)
ROPP closure on D&I aluminum bottle for Boss Silky Drip coffee
Silver: Showa Aluminium Can Corporation (Japan)
Aluminum 206 SOT easy-open end for Asahi Direct Shot
Bronze: Independent Can Company (USA)
Embossed tinplate screw closure for Git-R-Done rough hand fix


Gold: Emballator Metal Group (Sweden)
18-litre tinplate pail with Easy Open 285 steel safety lid
Silver: Litografia Valença (Brazil)
18-litre tinplate pail with textured print for Suvinil Texturatto Rústico paint
Bronze: VIP Packaging (Australia)
10-liter tinplate pail with plastic SafeSeal ring for Taubmans Tradex paint


Gold: GM Metal Products (Hong Kong)
Cylindrical tin with slip lid for shortbread
Silver: Virojanglor (France)
Secondary container with lockable slip lid for Veuve Clicquot champagne
Bronze: Nittoh Sangyo (Japan)
Decorative tin for tea, dry food or small gift


Gold: Virojanglor (France)
Secondary tinplate container with embossed decoration for Chivas Regal 12 Limited Edition Scotch whiskey
Silver: Can-Pack (India)
D&I aluminum 50cl can for Kingfisher beer
Bronze: Nittoh Sangyo (Japan)
Decorative tin for tea, dry food or small gift


Gold: ORG Packaging (China)
Lightweighted three-piece tinplate beverage can
Silver: can2close (Germany)
Aluminum and plastics recloseable beverage end
Bronze: Litografia Valença (Brazil)
3.6-litre tinplate can featuring coatings with 3D visual effects


Toyo Seikan Kaisha (Japan)
Lightweighted 20cl polyester-coated Dry-DWI steel can for Dydo coffee


Daiwa Can (Japan)
Three-piece welded and beaded 20cl can for Boss coffee

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