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Mettler Toledo is coming to you

Get on the bus that Mettler Toledo takes to you — and get a first-hand look at its quality X-Ray and metal detection equipment.

June 10, 2013   by Canadian Packaging Staff

Yes…  you can ride Mettler-Toldedo’s magic bus!

Mettler Toledo, in conjunction with one of its Canadian partners MD Packaging Inc., are taking its show on the road—literally.

With a retrofitted 37-foot coach bus, Mettler Toldeo has brought its metal detection systems and X-Ray units across Ontario and Quebec in an effort to broaden its brand appeal and to show prospective customers just what they might be missing.

The Mettler Toledo bus visited the facility of Tri-Mach Group Inc. in Elmira, Ont., about 70 minutes drive north of Toronto on June 4, 2013 – one of three stops that day on the busy bus route.

Tri-Mach, who have worked with MD Packaging on a few projects in the past, also invited a bevy of its customers to come and see the bus, with a good-sized crowd gaining some first-hand information about the plethora of equipment contained within.

The bus contains examples of Mettler Toledo equipment:

  • Safefline PowerChek400 X-Ray;
  • Safeline X3310 X-Ray;
  • Safeline PowerPhasePro metal detector;
  • Safeline PowerPhasePro-Select metal detector;
  • Safeline Gravity Flow metal detector;
  • Safeline Pipeline Pro metal detector;
  • Hi-Speed Cornerstone Beltweigh XS checkweigher;
  • Hi-Speed Beltweigh XC checkweigher.

Visitors check out the various Mettler Toledo X-Ray and metal detection equipment aboard the bus.

Thanks to the efforts of MD Packaging, the Mettler Toledo bus which usually travels the U.S. circuit, will be making in-roads into Canada a couple of times a year.

Canadian Packaging magazine will have a full article on Mettler Toledo, MD Packaging and Tri-Mach Group in its 2013 Buyer’s Guide print issue out this August.

MD Packaging is one of Canada’s largest distributor of packaging automation and is a representative for many of North America’s leading equipment manufacturers—including Mettler Toledo.

Contact MD Packaging to book to visit the Mettler Toledo bus, by clicking HERE.

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