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How to reduce packaging damage

IBM engineer to offer insights for reducing package damage in IoPP-CPA webinar.

September 20, 2013
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Studies show that some customers perceive products delivered in even superficially damaged packaging are of lower quality.

If your products are ordered by phone or online, they have to survive the rigors of the warehouse and transportation environments where your packages are subject to potential damage.

Join IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) and the Contract Packaging Association for an October 1, 2013 webinar that will explore where and how this package damage occurs, and how to avoid it.

In “Judging a Package by Its Cover, Combating Superficial Package Damage,” Bill Green, worldwide packaging engineering team lead at IBM, will address the practicality and impact of packaging for business-to-business transactions, and also share insights on how IBM has reduced package damage by millions of dollars while also educating its customers about the nature of slightly damaged packaging.

What you will learn:
•    Packaging’s roles for products sold to “enterprise customers” and that never enter the retail channel.
•    Insights from IBM’s internal efforts that can help companies with packaged goods in retail channels.
•    When the primary goal is protection versus sales, do expectations differ for a package’s appearance, and what’s acceptable to customers?

Bill Green
Worldwide Packaging Engineering Team Lead


Oct. 1, 2013
1PM – 2PM CST (2-4PM EST)

IoPP members: Free
Non-Members: $99

To register, click HERE

This is an example of the type of webinar that will be available as part of IoPP’s new premium webinar series, which will debut in the near future.

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