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Drupa 2012 adds package printing exhibition

PACK PLUS is a new special exhibition on package printing.

April 16, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Drupa, held May 3-16, 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany, has added PACK PLUS, a new exhibition dedicated to integrated package printing.

Located within a 300-square-meter special show, the exhibition will spotlight the importance of integrated package printing, illustrating it with “D” Drink, with various example of primary and secondary packages designed for it, including participation by Saueressig, Huber Packaging Group and Druck Chemie.

The exhibition at the German trade fair aims to show how a brand or a product can be supported by the choice of materials and the printing and finishing techniques.

The exhibit will look at four fields of packaging expertise: materials suppliers (materials, inks, consumables); package printers (support, prepress, digital printing); converters
(machines, systems, value chain); and brand manufacturers (marketing, design, purchasing), with each section represented by companies with expertise in that area.

Drupa says this will provide a 360° view of package printing, which not only gives drupa visitors insights into the technologies used to produce the exhibited packages but also provides opportunities for direct and creative exchanges with the participating companies.

The PACK PLUS exhibition will be held in Hall 11 throughout the show.

More on package printing can be found at the “drupa cube” conference and network platform in Hall 7a on May 4, 2012, when speakers from the industry will discuss a variety of topics, including sustainable packaging concepts, digital printing possibilities, or how to prevent the counterfeiting of packaging.

More information on drupa and the drupa cube can be found at and

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