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Cosmetics expo and conference features major brand packaging experts

Ninth edition of PCD13 looks to examine perfume and cosmetics packaging innovation.

November 9, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

On February 6-7, 2013,  the 9th edition of PCD (Perfumes Packaging, Cosmetics & Design) will bring together over 2,500 participants from 40 countries, at the Espace Champerret in Paris, France for a look at packaging innovation for perfumes and cosmetics.

To be held simultaneously with Aerosol & Dispensing Forum Forum (ADF), this annual event  will allow brands’ packaging experts as well packagers and suppliers of packaging to take stock for the newest trends, review the latest innovations and discuss the ones that are emerging, with innovation a key focus during the conference program and exhibition.

The conference program features an opening address by Ducastin Pierre, packaging innovation director at L’Oréal, who will share his vision of innovation issues for the cosmetics industry.

Conference topics include:

  • Bio-sourced plastics and renewable materials, as a component of brand sustainable development strategies. This session will take stock of the situation, clarify the concepts and technologies, review « consumer » perception, social aspects and competition with food together with the necessary choices in terms of the use of natural reserves. Speakers include representatives from: L’Oréal, SUPAGRO Montpellier, Bio Intelligence Service, Plastivaloire, Spincontrol Company, and Avery Dennison‘s Label & Packaging Materials.
  • Innovation strategy: technological monitoring and patents: Technological monitoring, intellectual property, copyright, models and patents are part and parcel of brand innovation strategy. Featuring speakers from: Chanel, Viedoc, Rexam Personal Care, CinqPats.
  • Packaging innovation: beauty, care, make-up & e@PCD (and no, the Canadian Packaging magazine does not know what that means): With packaging innovation the driving force behind brand development, the session will discuss how the ‘frame of beauty’ for both men and women can influence packaging managers. Featuring: The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.Groupe Pochet, Plastivaloire, PVL Beauté, SIMP, Albéa, CinqPats, Oekametall, MWV Beauty and Personal Care, Colep, Lumson.
  • Metal: forms, coatings and metallic appearances, sensoriality, magnetic systems: a look at how metal, metallic appearances and sensory applications can be utilized for caps and jar tops, cans, lids and additional covers, bottle and stopper cladding and overmolding, lipstick mechanisms and rings, capsules, mascara wands, etc. It will also look at the industry’s latest advances, including magnetics. Featuring: Chanel, Hoffmann Neopac AG, HCT Group, Ets G. Pivaudran, SOLEV, Groupe Pochet, PRAD, L’Oréal, ECS Global, and Ipack.
  • Finishing: cladding and use of accessories: Discussing quality finishing processes like cladding and and the role it plays in the decoration and customization of the packaging of a new perfume, a new cosmetic product or promotional activities. Featuring: L’Oréal; Papillon Ribbon & Bow; Les Belles choses; Aptar; Albéa; Topline Products PrimapackPRIMINTER, Groupe Pochet.
  • Presenting boxes and counter displays: recent advances. A look at presentation boxes and their importance in launches, events and promotional activities. They feature sophisticated designs, materials, decoration technologies, forming and assembly, and combined with packaging, logistics and sustainable development. Challenges from creation, budget, time to market, together with counter displays, will be explored by: Cosfibel Premium, Uni Flockage, Alliora Groupe Ileos, Knoll Printing & Packaging Inc., Envases Metálicos Eurobox, Marie-Laure PLV.
  • Electronic management of technical specifications: A look at how ICTs (information and communication technologies) have impacted the industries and examine what is expected of these tools and how it can be used to accelerate innovation, time-to-market, product differentiation for global markets and compliance with local regulatory frameworks. With speakers from: Chanel, Siemens Industry Software SAS, Dassault Systèmes, EVEA Eco-conception & ACV.
  • Design & Packaging digital workflow: will look at developments in packaging digital workflow, such as: organization, text management; proof reading and PDF validation, color metrics; soft & hard proofing and their impact in terms of rapid prototyping and digital printing. Featuring speakers from: Bleu Process, Square, Amcor, Global Vision Inc., Dalim Software GmbH, and DLW.

The show will also present its PCD Awards 2013, rewarding the most innovative products placed on the European market during the 2012 calendar year. For more information visit

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