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2021 PAC Canadian Award Winners Announced

June 16, 2021   Logan Caswell

The winners of the PAC Canadian Awards were announced today at the virtual PAC Awards ceremony.

The PAC Canadian Awards were on a mission to recognize the best packaging. Where inspiring branding, innovative structural design and holistic thinking intersect.

A special congratulations to the following 2021 Best of Show winners:

Brand Marketing


Entry Brand Name: Fontaine Family

Entering Co Name: Pigeon Brands Inc.

Brand Owner: Montpak

Brand Agency/Graphic Designer: Pigeon Brands Inc.

Pre-press/ Printer: Cascades (trays), Produlith (sleeves), Étiquettes

Nationales (labels)

This package design was developed to create an emotional connection with the primary target audience, active young adults. Fresh and vibrantly colored, it features a new design style and approach for meat to express the distinctive offer: responsibly raised animals, transparency, high quality, delicate and lean meat.

The brand visual identity is made prominent by the vibrant purple color that helps it to stand out at shelf level. The pack creates a visual block effect, by repeating the farm sign-style logo shape side-by-side. The second level of design elements is used to communicate type of veal (grain-fed, milk-fed, ready-to-cook), while allowing for the future addition of new products/cuts/recipes. Targeted consumers love convenience of the quick but healthy meal preparation, and the packaged stack easily in the refrigerator to maximize space.


Package Innovation

 Entry Brand Name: Tylenol, Pepcid and Benylin

Entering Co Name: Jones Healthcare Group

Brand Owner: McNeil Consumer Healthcare/Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Brand Agency/Graphic Designer: Bridgemark

Pre-press/ Printer: Jones Healthcare Group

These cartons maintained the same retail footprint, while accommodating up to 55 per cent more surface area for information on outer packaging to avoid costly retail shelf-space adjustments. The new packaging also maintained J&J’s strong and established brand presence with appealing aesthetic design and presentation, while balancing consumer usability.

Since cartons were proven to reseal successfully, consumers could readily open and reseal

the cartons on retail shelves to maintain display aesthetic, instead of panels remaining open and detracting from overall presentation.


Consumer’s Voice

 Entry Brand Name: Lot 40

Entering Co Name: Davis

Brand Owner: Corby Distilleries

Brand Agency/Graphic Designer: Davis

Pre-press/ Printer: Multi-Color Corporation Montreal

The new Lot 40 Dark Oak stands out with disruption and delivers on its intent of being bold and unmistakeable. The clean design and the angled label (true to Lot 40 equities) create a strong beacon for the brand and complement each other when placed side-by-side. The Lot 40 brand’s primary objective was to expand brand expression, reflecting the quality of the whisky, and achieving a new look that clearly communicates two things: that it is 100-percent rye whisky and that it is distilled in a pot still. A bold, versatile whisky beloved by consumers and bartenders alike for sipping, or as an ingredient in whisky-forward cocktails, when Lot 40 set out to develop a bolder, darker 100-percent rye creation, it required a visual story equally as distinctive and well-defined as the liquid itself.


Proudly Canadian

Entry Brand Name: Tim Hortons Retail Portfolio

Entering Co Name: 6 Degrees Integrated Communications

Brand Owner: Tim Hortons

Brand Agency/Graphic Designer: 6 Degrees Integrated Communications/Pigeon


Tim Hortons products are shelved and grouped in different ways at different retailers, which meant the packaging had to be iconic to compensate for the lack of merchandising consistency across retailers. To help shoppers find their restaurant favourites on-shelf, we increased the prominence of the logo. Our signature red acted as color-blocked beacon amongst the sea of competing browns and deep color tones in surrounding products. The variant banners, with consistent information hierarchy and a clear flavour variant identification system, make

it straightforward and welcoming for consumers to shop across the portfolio and increase basket size. Tim Hortons is proud to be a part of the Keurig K-cup pod recycling program. The new pods are recyclable in 95 per cent of Canadian municipal recycling programs, and the easy three-step process is clearly marked on every box of Tim Hortons K-cup formats.

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