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In this video, Martin Kamil, COO & CFO of Black Fly Beverage Co., takes us on a journey along the canning line of the “largest ready to drink independent co-packer in Canada.”

“It’s not about price. It’s about trust,” says Kamil of his relationship with Storcan and the Blendtech pasteurizer division of Italian manufacturer TMCI Group.

TMCI did a great job during the pandemic to deliver their machine on time and on budget, “ maintains Kamil. A well functioning pasteurizer is “our main line of defence to ensure customers have a safe product to drink.”

Blendtech Sales Manager Massimo D’Ambros Rosso says, “Due to space requirements we built with our partner Storcan a double deck entry and exit system for our most balanced pasteurizer model in terms of thermal and energy consumption.”

Hugo Lorquet of Storcan adds, “Running at these speeds, we needed a first in and first out operation with 4 accumulating tables … all in one production room.”

Martin Kamil concludes, “Storcan and TMCI have delivered on all the things that matter. They made our dream a reality.”

Watch “a kilometer of conveyor system” carry, speed up, stop and accumulate cans according to exacting production requirements.

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