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In this video, Maxime St. Pierre, VP Operations at MSP Laboratories, says, “With our Capmatic line we are able to achieve accuracy and production speeds unattainable till now.”

The personal care/natural products/food supplements co-packer explains that when the company needed full automation to keep up with the growth of their business, they chose Capmatic who had successfully served the company’s previous machine purchasing requirements.

“The great thing about Capmatic is they select the right machine for the right job. The machinery is versatile enough to handle 5 ml to 1 litre bottles as well as liquids to semi-viscous on one platform.”

In this video, Capmatic’s Nicolas Perugini takes us from the SortStar bottle unscrambler to the Patriot filling/capping monoblock to the LabelStar labeler and then to the BandStar bottle neck banding machine at the end of the line.

Nicola demonstrates everything from the ease of use of the HMI through to the quick change-over capabilities done with the turn of a screw. “Everything is recipe-driven,” declares Nicola “and machine operators cannot fail as all parts are marked and programmed into the HMI.”

Maxime St. Pierre emphasizes, “This is the favourite line to work on for all of our operators.”

Watch the video to see how bottles are sorted, filled, capped, labeled and security band-sealed in one production line.

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