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Achieving maximum energy efficiency in manufacturing will require many investments and technological advances. But every step towards an ambitious objective can deliver immediate benefits in the form of lower energy costs, better equipment maintenance, and safer, more reliable operations.

Compressed air accounts for 20-30% of energy consumption in production facilities, and typically 30% of that air goes to waste. 75% of businesses still manually test for air leaks across their facility, at an average cost of $40,000 per machine.

Replacing manual, periodic maintenance with continuous monitoring can reduce compressed air use by up to 30% and generate significant cost savings. With Emerson as your partner, this can also be the first step in a transformation that drives efficiency and OEE throughout your facility.

With our Floor to Cloud approach and smart l technologies, we will help you start your journey to net-zero emissions and increased efficiency — whether you begin with a single machine or an entire plant. We partner with industry leaders around the globe to identify key opportunities where our application and software expertise optimizes machines, processes, and workers.

No matter where you are on your digital transformation process, with Emerson you can realize energy savings and increased production today, while setting a course to a sustainable future.

Ready to reduce your facility’s compressed air consumption — and explore how Emerson will help you achieve even more ambitious goals?

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