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To stay competitive, most manufacturers look to the latest technology features and enhancements. But with so many hardware and software platforms available, maintaining a modern technology base can be complex, labor-intensive, and costly. In such an environment, achieving a best-of-breed approach to manufacturing systems is elusive.

Universal automation has arrived as a legitimate technological approach for successfully addressing these challenges.

What is universal automation? Its an approach that decouples software from the hardware it traditionally runs on, promoting both software-centric and asset-centric automation.

How do you implement it? With Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Automation Expert. EAE is generating benefits for consumer-packaged goods in 3 areas:
  1. Bridging IT and OT – These plant resources now have a robust, reliable, and secure way to manage an IT/OT converged world. EAE preserves the fundamental quality and reliability of traditional OT automation while taking advantage of the connectivity and flexibility of IT
  2. Adding flexibility through virtual controllers – EAE uses software-defined, brand-agnostic virtual controllers to deliver advanced online services, remote support, and predictive analysis of machine/process
  3. Enabling a phased-in approach with minimal disruption to existing operations – EAE limits digital transition risks because traditional solutions still execute the control. At the same time, new technology enrichments can be added to boost production line performance

Learn how you can drive digital transformation in your manufacturing facility with EcoStruxure Automation Expert

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